Bet on PUBG - Bet365 add odds for Gamescom Invitational 2017

22 August 2017By: adrian

Gamescom 2017 kicked off today and will be going strong throughout the week. This annual event attracts hundreds of thousands of gaming fans from around the world to come get a glimpse into the future of video games. Most video game developers use this event as a place to showcase and promot

Catch the PGL 2017 at Unibet

17 July 2017By: admin

The PGL 2017 kicked off yesterday in Krakow and it’s one of the biggest eSports events at Unibet yet. Catch an exclusive promotion and watch the matches live.

£5,000 betting championship

Unibet is celebrating the most anticipated Counterstrike event of the year,

Hearthstone’s New Expansion Totaling $670 or More for Completionists

02 May 2017By: admin

Hearthstone will be releasing three large expansions this year, each of which ushering 130+ new cards. This means more new cards than any previous ye

Call of Duty is Far From Dead

12 February 2017By: Robert

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Call of Duty is a franchise that nearly every gamer is familiar with, and many non-gamers as well. Its popularity as a console FPS alternative to th

Four of the Craziest Scandals in Esports

07 February 2017By: Robert

Since its inception, esports has been out to prove that it’s as legitimate a sport as say, football or tennis, and so far, we need look no further than the intricate level of skill required from each competitor, the grueling hours of training necessary for mastery of the game, and the sheer numbe