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Rivalry.gg is an esports betting site that launched early 2018. They focus entirely on esports, both information and betting. The team behind appears to be genuine fans of the games they are promoting, and in the content they provide. The site appears to be just as much a news site as it is a gambling site. This makes the use of their site much more relaxed when compared to all the flashing banners and ads you might find on rival betting sites.

Pros and Cons

  • Esports only
  • Fun promotions
  • Very nice design and interface
  • Plenty of matches and esports
  • Sponsor esport teams
  • Very new site
  • Very few livebets


Most of the site shows you information about the games and matches. Of course they have odds, history very close by if you need it. They are able to get quite a lot of information on every page without cluttering your view. One of the ways they achieve this is by a pretty minimalistic design and only using colors and icons where there is important information. Not filling every single box with background pictures.

Types of bets

The biggest games on this site appear to be. CSGO, League of legends and Overwatch. In addition you can bet on. Dota 2, Hearthstone, Call of Duty, Starcraft 2 and many more titles.

CSGO includes bet on map winners, 1st kill, and gun round winners. This wil vary with size of the game going on. Each game includes a nice stats feature to help you deciding on recent form and making a better educated guess of the winner. (We sometimes saw few errors in this section but, we assume that will be remedied shortly.)

League of legend bets include: 1st game winner, 1st kill, 1st tower and similar bets.

They don't appear to offer many live bets, but you can see streams of most of the games on the site if you want.

Promotions and offers

Besides receiving a free $1.5 bet when signing up, we found all the offers in the VIP club on the site. They have designed their bonuses in a level system with different missions for each level. Thankfully the rewards aren't impossible to achieve. And they even are a little fun to attempt and not only the usual "spend a lot of money, and we will give you a tiny percentage back" as quite a lot of clubs and rewards are.

A few examples of missions:

  • Watch 5 matches you've bet on
  • Win a parlay with multiple esports
  • Win 5 consecutive bets on underdogs


Rivalry mainly focuses on solutions run by Skrill, but since they can accept both cards and bank account deposits directly to the site we don't consider this to be much of a problem. They will however exchange your money to dollar no matter what currency you deposit in. For some this might incur quite heavy fees, so you might want to keep an eye on this issue.

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