Online Casino Guide

The perplexing world of online casinos can be overwhelming for many casino beginners. On top of that, giving hard earned money online in thin air is something that petrifies the majority of people. With so many casinos, how do you know who is a legitimate vendor?

When we began playing at online casinos more than a decade ago, the situation was quite different. The online casinos back then had very little experience and there were no firm examples to look upon on how to serve online casino players. The standards were just shaping up, and technology was very little advanced compared to today’s tech products that players can use to play casino games.

Now, the situation is drastically different. There are hundreds of casinos and millions of players in an industry that is one of the fastest growing on the internet. Rookie players can easily look up the internet and find all kinds of guides about casinos like this one.

What is an Online Casino?

The land-based casino industry like that in Las Vegas, Macau, Australia and other parts of the world where there is a hotspot of casinos and casino resorts serves casino players in the real world. The online casino industry on the other hand serves players virtually.

How? You go to a casino website on your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet, and you simply play the games just like you would play games on Facebook or other places on the internet. And to play for real money, you need to deposit using your credit/debit card or other payment method.

The Inner Workings of an Online Casino

An online casino sets up a virtual casino environment for casino players to enjoy their favorite hits without having to go to a physical online casino, which sometimes can mean taking a long trip to get there. Instead, casino players can do virtually the same things as they would if they went to an actual casino, but all from the comfort of their home or some other place they love to use to play on their PC or mobile and with more advantages like better payouts and big bonuses.

The virtual casino environment is set up using one of the many gaming platforms available for casino vendors. The platforms carry the games, and all of that is accessible via a website or a web-based app. Each casino uses a different platform that can either carry exclusive games developed especially for that platform or games from the most popular game developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft etc. You can play them for free (without the prospect of winning real money) or using real money, which is the entire point actually.

Online Casino Games

There are plenty of online casino games that you can play, more so than live games as the limits online is much higher with the technology. Here we will list some of the most popular casino games you can try out:

A Safe Environment

The number one concern among novice players is whether it’s safe for them to play at online casinos. There is a definite answer to this question, but the results of your playing online and whether it’s going to be a safe or unsafe casino depends all on you.

You have to choice to select from hundreds of casinos, so there is a big chance that you will come across many weak casinos with a very poor service until you get the hang of it and learn how to find the best ones. The road can be hard, but it can be easy too and paved with gold if you are careful. That is why we are here, to point you at the right direction.

Online casinos are safe because they are legitimate brands with a good reputation and long background of quality services. Moreover, casinos employ security measures for the most important aspects of their services, like taking payments, cashing out players and their games which are regularly audited for their Random Number Generator technology. A 128-bit encryption is a standard measure that casinos use to safeguard all transactions, which is at the same level as financial institutions.


The second and biggest concern for players is whether it is legal to play casino games online. But the legality situation is different for all depending on where you are located. If you are from the USA, online casino games are legal only in a couple of states like New Jersey, Nevada etc. If you are from Australia or Canada for example, you will find out that the situation there is more relaxed towards online casino gaming and players can freely spend their money online.

But, even in those countries where online casino gaming is technically illegal, hardly anyone has ever been severely persecuted for playing. It’s safe to assume that the world as a whole is getting softer on the question about online gambling seeing how the industry generates money, which means potential income from taxes for the governments.

How to Get Started

Since you can’t use your money to play casino games without opening a casino account, the first and obvious step towards getting started is to register for a real money account. The procedure is standard and straightforward. It’s necessary to provide correct and true information, because some casinos might make you prove your identity in order to verify that you are a real person.

When you have opened your first-time account, you need to make a deposit. Usually you can deposit a minimum between $10 and $20, but the bigger the deposit, the bigger the welcome bonus. Keep in mind that you need to check first if the online casino provides the payment methods that suit you.

Some players prefer to deposit with their credit card, others with their e-wallet or a prepaid card. The possibilities are numerous and some casinos give up to 40 different payment options. The most common options are:

The deposit you make is your bankroll, and when you start playing a game, the entire bankroll amount is displayed in the game. You cannot split it into smaller amounts and use those amounts separately on separate games, so be careful not to spend your entire bankroll on one game. If your bankroll is a smaller one, make sure to play the minimum bet amounts in order to make it last longer.

Although casinos prefer for players to use the same payment method for withdrawals as for deposits, if the payment method doesn’t provide an option to make a withdrawal, like in the case of prepaid cards, you can choose another method to cash out that suits you.

Compulsive Gambling

Gambling is intended to be an exciting past time which if you are a smart player can be turned into an extra profit. Gambling is fun, the casinos are flashy, and the bonuses and jackpots are mouthwatering. On top of that, online casinos are extremely easily accessible, so there is virtually nothing stopping your from playing endlessly. Out of that comes a great danger that lurks even the most disciplined players, and it’s called compulsive gambling.

The most reputable online casinos like your money, but they also like it when their players can control their urges. Many of the casinos have high levels of social awareness, which is why they cooperate with compulsive gambling prevention organizations like GamCare and other to help players that have lost track of reality.

If you start feeling that you have lost the control, seek help from the casino’s customer support service and they will point you at the right people to help you with your developing problem. Don’t ruin your life with something that was supposed to be fun, but instead you made it a problem. Stop it when it ceases to be fun!