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How the Tipster Competitions Work

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  • Click 'Odds' in the top menu.
  • You can select games in the top right to filter by games if needed
  • Find your match, and click on the pencil ( )
  • Search or scroll the menu for your desired match
  • You can also click on the game logos to filter the match list by game

Select your odds

Currently available odds are:

  • To Win the Match
  • To Win the Match (3) - Includes draw
  • Handicap
  • Total Maps

Enter your bet size

Enter units to bet by how confident you are in the bet (1-10), where 10 is super confident.

Bet analysis

Write explanation for your tip. Remember to use Enter where appropriate to make it look good!

Submit your tip

A confirmation window will appear to let you double check everything. If the match is starting soon, your odds might have been updated (odds are updated more frequently close to match start). Fear not! Exit the confirmation overlay, and click submit again. Verify that the odds is acceptable, and submit your tip.

If the overlay does not show when you click submit - read above each input field to check for error messages. Correct the errors and submit again.

3. Your tips are automatically added to running competitions

All of the users on our site will automatically be added to all of the competitions. If you don't want to compete for a prize or specific tournament, all you have to do is not place bets

4. Watch your placement under competitions, and keep betting to reach the top!

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Today's Betting Tips





FATE eSportsvsSJ2020 Assembly ASUS ROG Winter
See details »
2020-02-21 12:00:00


FATE eSports




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