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Leaderboard for January 2020 Competition
RankTipsterProfitBetsMain GamePrize
1 Sequoia +61.11 27 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive $75
2 justrealblast +23.27 3 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive $40
3 ser-alex +15.25 9 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive $25
4 Vqx7 +12.00 5 Defense of the Ancients 2 $10
5 vvvv +11.95 15 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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About the Competitions

Here at we will run free competitions every month, and all the predictions you make will count towards your total profit for that month. You do not need to do signup to any of the competitions as once you have an account you are automatically taking part in the competitions when you write your tips. You decide yourself if you want to participate for a competition or not.

We will also do competitions for bigger tournaments for specific games, and in those cases only matches for that tournament counts toward your total profit for that tournament.

The winners at the end of the month are those with the highest profit in total for the period the tournament is being held.

Competition Rules

  1. The winners of every competition will be those that have the highest monthly profit. If two accounts should end up with the same profit the tiebreaker will be based on who has the highest ROI.
  2. You must have at least 10 picks in the competition to be eligible to win any prize.
  3. You may only write 1 pick for the same game.
  4. Pick posting time is minimum two hours before the start of a game, unless it is a playoff game or a game that needs to be finished before another one can start.
  5. Previews must be written in English and it should be a minimum of 50 words. Short previews without any useful info, bad language, or only statistics written will be deleted.
  6. Do not post continuously with high stakes (9/10 or 10/10). Those that will show prize hunting behavior will be removed from the tipsters competition. Admins have the right to modify your stakes anytime.
  7. Copy-pasting previews from other web sites are not allowed.
  8. Those that are already writing for other betting sites can post the same previews here too, except if the other site they work for do not allow this.
  9. We will contact the winners by the email they signed up with. If we can't get a hold of them within a reasonable time, they are removed from the board and the next in line will receive the prize.

Any rule may be changed, added or removed by the admins, at any time, announced here. If you have any suggestions for these rules or would like clarification, please send us an email with your suggestion.