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Your guide to everything League of Legends betting online. Find the best LOL betting sites, odds, betting tips, strategy and more information to aid your betting.

Best League of Legends Betting Sites


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League of Legends Betting Tips





LNG EsportsvsEdward Gaming2021 LoL Pro League Summer
2021-08-05 09:00:00


LNG Esports




Machi E-SportsvsLiyab Esports2021 Pacific Championship Series Summer Season
2021-08-05 12:00:00


Liyab Esports




100 Thieves AcademyvsImmortals Academy2021 North America Academy League Summer
2021-08-05 20:00:00


Immortals Academy




G2 EsportsvsexceL2021 LoL European Championship Summer
2021-08-01 19:05:00






Infinity eSportsvsAll Knights2021 Latin America League Closing
2021-07-31 22:10:00


All Knights




Golden Guardiansvs100 Thieves2021 League Championship Series Summer
2021-07-31 21:10:00


100 Thieves




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2021 LoL European Championship SummerGermany2021-06-11 - 2021-08-29TBD
2021 LoL Champions Korea SummerSouth Korea2021-06-09 - 2021-08-28TBD
2021 LoL Pro League SummerChina2021-06-07 - NoneTBD
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League of Legends Betting

If there’s one esport that’s truly worth your time betting-wise, it has to be League of Legends. After all, it’s been around for a decade, it has multiple franchised regions, a well-established competitive system, and a bevy of professional teams that are competing at the highest of levels. All of these factors make competitive League the most watched and beloved esport in the world.

You want to bet on something that has a long history, on a game that’s a part of pop culture. This is your own money we’re talking about, and you want to have “control” over as many elements as you possibly can to stand a better chance of winning.

League of Legends betting, in particular, has been around for a while and it’s a well-known thing for people who have been doing esports betting for some time now. There aren’t any surprises when it comes to the logistics of it all which is incredibly important. Many tournaments (both regional and international) are scattered throughout the calendar year and you have potential matches to bet on almost every single week.

The biggest benefit of having a structured esport is that you have usable information — teams have history, there are many narratives and storylines you can follow, and all of this should, at best, result in making educated guesses and correct assumptions when it comes to who’ll win and why.

With that out of the way, let’s dive a bit deeper into the thick of things!

League of Legends Betting Sites

There are many League-related betting sites online, but not all of them are created equal. So let’s say you have a bit of money on the side and you want to bet on League of Legends — which website should you go for? Well, there are a couple of important factors to keep in mind and they should, by all means, influence your final decision.

Top 5 LOL Betting Sites

Our list of the 5 best League of Legends betting sites and why we like them:

  1. GG.BET - Overall Best Esports Betting Site
  2. LOOT.BET - One-stop Shop for ALL Gambling
  3. Bet365 - Most Reputable Betting Site
  4. Rivalry - Great Bonuses and Promotions
  5. Pinnacle - Best LOL Betting Odds

Best Online Betting Sites

  1. GG.BET

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  3. 1xBet

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  4. Rivalry

    Up to $350 in Rewards
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  5. Betway

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    €5 Free + €200 Welcome Bonus
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  7. Thunderpick

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  8. 22Bet

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First of all, you want to bet through a website that’s secure and well-established. You do not want to use a shoddy, badly designed and coded website that may or may not end up being a fraud. No one wants that. While good websites pop up on a regular basis, it’s best to go with an option that’s been around for a while: sites like Bet365, Pinnacle, Betway, 1xBet, and so on. These betting sites have become mainstays for a good reason — their reputation precedes them. You also have options like GG.BET and LOOT.BET, websites that are focused solely on esports betting. This is obviously a plus if you’re looking for niche picks/leagues/bets, but the odds might be a bit worse as these websites and their oddsmakers often know their stuff.

Next up, you want to find a website that offers the kind of bet you want to make. Almost everyone has the more basic options like Match Winner, but if you want something a bit more “spicy”, you might have to pull up your sleeves and scour the web. Finally, all of these betting sites have differing odds depending on when you want to place your bets — try to find the one that has the best odds at the time of betting so that you can earn as much money as possible should you make the correct call.

Then we have some “less important” parameters like ease of use and the overall user interface. Some websites are more beautiful and inviting than others — that’s a fact — but generally speaking, they all follow the exact same visual structure primarily because they don’t want to alienate any new visitors.



The Highest Esports Odds

From the moment you land on Pinnacle, you're greeted with a user-friendly interface and a plethora of different options all laid out in a coherent manner. Pinnacle is amongst the most popular betting sites, and their longevity is a testament to their competitive odds and user-first approach. There's a separate Esports tab with a wide variety of games and options to choose from and it’s located in a fairly prominent spot so you won’t have to waste much time trying to navigate overly complex dropdown menus and the like.

Now, granted, Pinnacle mainly offers the “garden variety” when it comes to game-specific bets, so if you just want the “vanilla” esports betting experience, this is the way to go. If, on the other hand, you want something a bit more spicy and unique, then you should probably look for an esports-specific betting website (more on that below).

Regardless, if you’re after a trustworthy, well-established betting site with an “esports component”, look no further than Pinnacle.



€100 Welcome Bonus

LOOT.BET, on the other hand, is solely an esports betting website. It's visually stunning, it covers all of the games you can imagine (including titles like Valorant that don't even have a fully developed scene yet), and can rightfully be considered as the esports betting Mecca. It’s also a great option to go for if you’re looking for some lesser known regions or tournaments as they’re covering virtually everything.

This is also your best bet (pun intended) if you’re looking for those highly specific bets like “first team to make a pentakill,” “total Barons slain,” “total inhibitors destroyed,” etc. The list is long and exhausting, but if you want to flex your knowledge of any given team and their in-game tendencies, then this is quite a good way to earn a bit more money for your efforts.

For a more thorough list of vetted esports betting websites (along with the pros and cons of each), you can check out our in-depth esports betting sites guide.

League of Legends Bets and Bet Types

Much like in traditional betting, there are many different types of bets here as well. Still, this impressive variety isn’t necessarily a good thing primarily because of the volatile nature of any competitive video game.

For example, you can bet on the match winner, map handicap, final score (if it's a multi-game match you're betting on), number of kills, the team that’ll kill the first Dragon, etc. Depending on the website, you can find a laundry list of options and each of them has its own distinct allure. Still, if you’re looking for consistency and want to control as many elements as you can, make sure to limit yourself to just a couple of options.

First of all, the way a game unfolds is never clear-cut nor can it be fully predicted. You can never truly know who’ll do what and when. Sometimes teams draft for late game and don’t fight for any objectives. Other times they have a sneaky strategy they want to execute right after they spawn on the Summoner’s Rift. You never know what’ll happen and there’s absolutely no rhyme or reason behind it. Sometimes teams will prioritize a certain part of the map but then forego this strategy the very next day. The odds of something happening when you predict it are extremely slim, so it’s best not to risk much.

You can find a lot of specific information online regarding each team and their tendencies, but in the grand scheme of things, this kind of information isn’t all that valuable as it can change on a weekly/monthly basis.

Because of this, focus on what’s actually predictable:

  • Match winner
  • Final map result (map handicap)
  • Map totals (over/under)

If you’re up for something a bit more “exotic” and risky (with potentially bigger winnings), look for “Correct Score” bets. These are only applicable in certain regions like China (LPL) and Korea (LCK) where they compete in a Best of 3 format all the time. By the same token, if you’re looking to bet on an international tournament, odds are, it’ll start with a double round robin followed by the Knockout Stage (quarterfinals and semifinals) which are always played in the Best of 5 format.

“Correct Score” will always increase your winnings as there’s a bigger risk at play. Still, it’s a fairly easy way to showcase and flex your knowledge on any given team. You can always assess a team’s overall strength, look at their track record (in accordance to whom they’re up against) and make a fairly educated guess based on recent results.

Over/under is also a great way to earn a bit more for your knowledge. You're basically betting whether a Best of 3 will go the distance (three games) or if the end result will be determined just two games into the series. If you’re betting on a momentum-based team, on someone who doesn’t relinquish control once they attain it, then go for an Under 2.5 (2-0 end result). If, on the other hand, you’re betting on a match that’s insanely competitive and could go either way, go for Over 2.5 (2-1 end result either way).

There’s also a fair bit of similarity between a good number of these bets, but they differ in small, nuanced ways. You’re basically given a list of options and you can choose the one that best fits the match at hand. They also allow you to adapt on a game-to-game basis and therefore tailor your strategy to stand the best chance of winning.

League of Legends Betting Strategy

There’s quite a fair bit of strategy that goes into League of Legends betting, and most of it boils down to your own game knowledge and how much you actually know about the teams you’re betting on. Frankly speaking, there’s not a lot of variation — a fact that becomes immediately obvious after following the scene for a while.

Let’s focus on a couple of key factors you should keep in mind before placing a bet:

A team can either focus on the early or the late game.

Those who prefer the former draft aggressive, playmaking champions and look to capitalize as soon as possible. They want to create the biggest lead they can and then snowball it en route to a one-sided finish. Those who prefer the latter, however, just want to survive the early game and reach the mid game at an even enough state (map, gold, and objective-wise). That’s when they manage to reach their item/power spikes and start playing more aggressive. These teams excel at late game team fighting and are capable of clutching things out in the most extreme conditions.

Before betting on anyone, you should know where their biggest strengths lie. Most teams can be categorized almost exclusively in one of these two categories. The best teams out there can strike a balance between the two, which is one of the main reasons why they’re so revered and dangerous — they can compete from start to finish and eke out advantages no matter how they draft.

Individual players

How good is the line-up overall?

Are there any weak links, players who can be punished and exploited?

Conversely, are there any hard carries?

A team needs at least one extremely dangerous and talented individual, a player who can push his team over the finish line and style over his opposition. There’s quite a lot of gold on the map, but not everyone can utilize this resource equally. There are some players who can create absolute chaos when given the right support and if you’re betting on a team make sure that it has at least one such individual — preferably in the mid or bottom lane (depending on the meta).

The more hard carries the merrier!

Preferred style of play

Is your team looking to skirmish and fight right from the very get-go? Or do they prefer a more calculated approach? This is of the utmost importance if you’re looking to bet on League. Right now, at the time of this writing, the best teams in the world are capable of trading heavy blows mere minutes after spawning on the Summoner’s Rift. This is a unique trait and it’s also somewhat unhinged in nature; whomever ekes out even the smallest advantage can then grow and disperse it across the map en route to securing an easy victory.

Teams that still want to play League “by the book” (colloquially known as the LCK style of play) aren’t finding nearly as much success. If they have exceptional macro and can set-up plays long in advance, they might stand a chance, but these strengths pale in comparison to stellar team fighting, pristine positioning, and unified target selection — highly important elements that need to coalesce and “click” in a split of a second once those crazy team fights start breaking out.

By knowing how your team wants to play things out, you can better understand their win conditions and adapt accordingly. If it’s “aggressive” vs. “aggressive”, then you’re basically betting on the team that’s more layered and has more talented (i.e. mechanically gifted) players. If it’s “aggressive” vs. “macro-oriented” then things get a lot more complicated. That’s when you need to look at head-to-head records and compare teams lane for lane.

The meta

This is an incredibly important point and it’ll require a fair bit of game knowledge as well. The meta is ever-changing. It is Riot Games’ way of keeping the game fresh and engaging, even though we’re pretty much playing the exact same champions on the exact same map. They’re constantly fine-tuning all elements of the game and while these changes might seem small on paper, they always end up making a world of difference. This affects everyone involved — both casual and professional players alike. Pro players need to adapt on a constant basis and they need to do it fast, sometimes even in a matter of days. Naturally, some teams do a better job when it comes to adapting than others.

While most meta shifts aren’t all that big or impactful, there comes a time when Riot ships huge, game-changing patches that inevitably leave a mark on competitive play as well. When this happens, all hell tends to break loose. Favorites lose in embarrassing fashion, underdogs go on huge, mind-boggling winning streaks, and the entire status quo tends to shift — for a little while.

What’s fascinating about competitive esports is that, no matter what happens meta-wise, the best teams in the world always end up on top sooner or later. Their play might regress for a couple of weeks, but right when you’re ready to count them out they tend to correct course and get back to their winning ways.

Still, big meta shifts happen relatively often and they can seriously affect your chances of winning. Keep an eye on what’s going on with the game and bet accordingly.

The context

No team is equally strong on a consistent basis. If it’s the beginning of the split, you’ll notice that everyone’s taking games off each other and there’s very little logic or reason behind it all. This is a natural occurrence, and it tends to stabilize after three or four weeks. By the same token, a team might start slow but build momentum as the weeks go by. This is why it’s paramount to keep track of who’s doing what and whether they’re improving or not. Sheer facts and statistics can only get you so far — by having a complete grasp of what’s going on you can actually predict upsets when no one thinks they’re possible. If you’re looking to bet on a frequent basis, you’d be wise to invest a bit of time into the competitive scene yourself. Every little bit of information plays a role and can be the difference between a good prediction and a bad one.

You can only predict so much

Competitive esports is a fascinating beast. There are many rules and laws and a long list of things to keep in mind. Still, even when things are black and white, when there’s seemingly no room for error, upsets and mind-blowing twists can still occur. That’s just the nature of the game. These players go through thick and thin in their daily routines and yet we only see them compete for an hour or two each week. That’s a very small window of opportunity for them to showcase their talent and what they’ve been working on the last couple of days/weeks/months. Naturally, with so much pressure on their shoulders, things can often backfire when you least expect them to.

Furthermore, competitive esports is almost always team based. Each player is just a small cog in a much larger machinery, and there’s only so much that a single individual can accomplish. The best teams think and play like a unit, but such a thing is extremely rare and is a trait mostly reserved for the champions and competitive behemoths we all love to watch.

At the highest levels of play, the margin for error is often non-existent. So if you’re betting on a mid-tier team or an underdog, you really need to delve deep into their strengths and weaknesses to fully understand how they can pull off an upset and whether or not they have what it takes to emerge victorious.

Betting on League of Legends is definitely a worthwhile endeavor. It’s one of the most established and consistent esports out there and even though it’s been around for ten whole years, it’s still growing in ways we never even thought were possible — the sky’s the limit for the world’s most popular MOBA!

Of course, following the scene and the way things develop is paramount if you want to increase your chances of winning. Fortunately, as far as esports go, League of Legends is as exciting as they come, so if you decide to tune in each week you definitely won’t regret it!

League of Legends Betting FAQ