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100 Thieves

Cloud9 vs 100 Thieves

2022-09-02 21:51:12Posted by Petar

Undoubtedly *the* most exciting match-up in the entire LCS right now. And, well, it's not even up for debate. The things Cloud9 did to Evil Geniuses last week and the ease with which they had executed their many different strategies left no one indifferent. They're playing some truly astounding League of Legends and we, for one, cannot wait for them to once again step foot on stage and start trading blows with a contender of seemingly equal strength and potential.

We're watering at the mouth and, odds are, we're not the only ones.

First of all: what in the world even happened? One day they're struggling to beat Counter Logic Gaming and then, just a few moments later, they're beating the incumbent champions to a pulp. And it's not just the fact that they won but rather the fashion in which it all went down. They blew EG out of the water -- they made them look like a bunch of scrubs. Each and every single member of Cloud9 performed astonishingly well. Blaber outclassed Inspired as if it were the easiest thing in the world. Berseker and Zven totally neutralized and demolished Danny and Vulcan. Jensen did Jensen things and Fudge? The man put on a masterclass. It was his play, in particular, that pushed Cloud9 over the edge and gave them an upper hand each and every single time. His picks, his timely rotations, his effectiveness on the map. Outstanding, mind-blowing, pick any superlative you want and, odds are, it can be applied and used to describe his spectacular performances.

To pick champions like Fiora and Camille in today's meta was a stroke of genius and, frankly, Evil Geniuses had no counter. They were dumbfounded, lost and without a thing to say or do about it. They were skill gapped from the very beginning and, well, they never quite found a way to bounce back.

And so now we are left to wonder: did Cloud9 overperform? Do they just have an edge over the Evil Geniuses from a stylistic standpoint or was it, perhaps, a sign of the things to come? It's was a sight to behold, that's for sure, and it's undoubtedly one of the biggest, most mind-boggling twists of the season thus far. The improvement in their performance from one series to the next was absolutely tremendous. It defies all logic and reason.

There are still, however, certain question marks lingering in the air, some of which will surely play a key part in this forthcoming Best of 5.

100 Thieves, to their credit, were no less extraordinary in their clash with Team Liquid. They put on a beating as well. They were so cohesive, on point, and aggressive -- all traits and virtues we've come to expect from them. And, well, it was a spectacle from sight to finish. Team Liquid, though certainly talented and capable in their own right, simply weren't equipped with the right tools to respond, hence the final outcome.

But *that* series didn't resolve in any shocking manner. We expected 100 Thieves to come out on top after five hard-fought games. It was, after all, a clash of equals. The C9 vs. EG one, on the other hand, was a seismic upset, one that took *everyone* by surprise. A minute meta shift seems to have happened and, by the looks of it, Evil Geniuses are one of the few teams that haven't adapted. They were blindsided by these bottom-centric changes and the fact that Kalista, Sivir, and Zeri are now basically the only AD carries worth picking.

100 Thieves, however, will not make the same mistakes. They're also similar to Cloud9 when it comes to experience and have all the right tools and players to not only compete on even footing but also come out ahead. Ssumday is, at this point in time, the best-performing top laner in the League. Closer, too, is a magician, and undeniably one of the most clutch players the LCS has seen in years. 100 Thieves are favored here for a very good reason.

We will, however, side with Cloud9 as the odds are simply too good to pass up. Whether they'll win or not still remains to be seen but they sure do have a shot -- at least if they come out the gates swinging and tap into that mojo which allowed them to outclass the incumbent champions with such ease. It's not going to be easy, though, and 100 Thieves have about an equal shot at emerging victorious. They are, in fact, the safer pick; so, if you're not feeling particularly adventurous, siding with Nadeshot's stylish organization would probably be the way to go.

Cloud9 1xBet 2.04 1 Win


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