We are going to update and change the format of our competition

10 January 2020By: Jorund

Hi there, here is some information from the team working behind the scenes here at

Lately we have been a bit absent from the site, mostly due to other commitments. But now we finally have time to work a bit more on our passion project, e-sports, and writing tips.

We noticed that there has been a decline in the quality of tips. and an increase in people trying to abuse the system. Our goal has always been to create a community where users share betting tips and insights. To make this happen we are going to implement a couple of changes.

First and probably most important, one of our staff is going to keep a much closer look on the tips coming in. Removing the worst ones and sending warnings to low quality tips.

Secondly, from February onwards we are going to change how we distribute the prize money:



   1st place $75, 2nd place $30 and 3rd place $20

Random Draws:

   One $25 and one $10

Staff pick:

   Top contributor $40


A s you can see this includes a new way to win money! By being the person who our staff chooses as the best contributor from the tips written. This is of course very subjective and we will probably tweak the requirements a bit to make it more clear to you guys what we are looking for.

But in general we want someone that:

  1. Gives other users lots of information
  2. Displays a deep understanding of the game
  3. No attempts at cheating the system
  4. Is a positive member of the community

You can read the complete set of new rules when the competition is live in February.

Hopefully this will make our community grow while keeping the good nature of our competition. And lets not forget, more people attending will mean more money for the prize pool. So spread the word!

We are now on Discord

If you feel our old contact form] is a bit too slow come and say hi to us in our channel.

We are also looking at a few other ways to improve the site, and we would love to have your help in this. What feature would you most like to see implemented on our site?

Best wishes - everyone at