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Updated as of January, 2017 – There are several alternatives available to those who want to bet on sports online, but for those who would like to bet on e-sports there are far fewer options available as of right now. The e-sports scene is still growing rapidly, and the betting options are sure to expand in conjunction with it. As the amount of viewers and participants increases, so will also the amount of people betting on the events. So for now, we have to settle for the ones that actual do offer bets on competitive gaming. But do not fear, although the options are few, the e-sports betting sites that you can find are actually really good.

Best Esports Betting Sites

Rank Betting Site Bonus Links
1 $250 Welcome Bonus Review Visit
2 $1,000 Welcome Bonus Review Visit
3 Bitcoin Bookmaker Review Visit
4 $2500 Welcome Bonus Review Visit
5 €30 Welcome Bonus Review Visit
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The list have been steadily increasing since we created this website. Back in 2012 when we put this up we only bet at Pinnacle Sports, but now other smaller sites have popped up and starting to carve out their place in this niche. Examples of these are Datbet and Esportsventure who were trying to cater to the esports followers by focusing solely on that aspect.

They were maybe a bit early to the party as they haven’t had too much success. But there are other alternatives popping up as now you can find e-sports bets offered at both Bet365 and 888sport, two behemoths when it comes to online gambling. This is huge in terms of getting this sport naturalized at bookmakers as they are often at the forefront when it comes to innovation.

How to choose a Betting Site

I am guessing that is why you are here, to find a website that you can bet on your e-sport of choice. Off course you can just look over our table above and pick out a site that looks nice to and get going. This takes little time and you can get going betting right away.

However this makes you prone to making a mistake in taking a site that maybe not deliver what you are looking for. Sure, all of the ones will offer e-sport bets, but there are plenty of other features that you could (and should) consider before going ahead with depositing funds there.

To find the one that fits your needs the best you should do some research yourself on the sites that you are considering. A good start might be to read the reviews we have written to get a good overview as to how they compare to other options. Remember though that you shouldn’t trust any review sites as most are just looking to praise every site and hope you sign up to steal your money, so do your own due diligence so you can be sure that you have the right facts.

How we do our reviews

So far we have just written some basic overviews of the sites featured on our site. We have used them all quite extensively, and we list the things we really like about the sites, but also the things that we don’t particularly care for. Note that these are subjective thoughts and you should determine yourself if these are factors that means a lot to you or not.

One important point to ensure is to check if the bookmaker you are choosing is actually licensed and have a good reputation. You would not believe how easy it is for sites to put themselves out there and then just continue to steal and cheat their players. Check their website or contact them yourself and ask about this.

Do not worry though, this is not the norm, and if you go with websites that we recommend (and do not heed warnings about) then your funds and private information should be safe. There are plenty of people that got burnt by Datbet for example who have been angle shooting and slow paying players for some time now. They looked legit for long, but decided to stop that and venture down another path. You can read our article on rogue bookmakers to learn how to spot them and examples of sites that behave shady.

Closed websites

We thought we would list a couple of reviews we have done of websites that used to offer e-sports bets, but have since closed down shop. These are here mainly for informational purposes:

Top Betting Site

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