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DotA 2 is one of the biggest eSports at the moment by monthly players, but also by the size of its tournament prize pools. Recently, The International 5 took place, which saw a total prize pool of over $18m, which is a record for not only the game, but esports in general. As a result there is a great market for DotA 2 betting. Whether or not the prize money actually affects the betting, money has a habit of making more money once it gets going.

As an introduction to betting on DotA 2 we will look at some basic principles of betting, the different types of bets you can make, which tournaments there is to bet on and some basic betting strategy for this game. If you want to jump right into it you can check out our recommend bookmakers list below.

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About DotA 2

DotA 2, or Defense of the Ancients 2, is the sequel to the first edition which were a modification made in the Warcraft III engine. After this game garnered a huge interest from players and spawned other similar games (like League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth), which in turn also became successes, Valve were quick on the trigger to both acquire the original game rights and their lead developer IceFrog. After many years in development, today it stands as one of the most popular online games and esports events offered.

As of August 2015 there are about 900,000 players that are playing DotA 2, at peak, every day, and it has been steadily increasing since it got released. The competitive esports scene has exploded in conjunction with this and the amount of viewers and the size of the prize pools are increasing immensely every year. In 2015, The International paid out over $6.5 million to the winners Evil Genius, all for “just playing a game”!

Types of DotA 2 Bets

There different types of wagers you can make when you are looking to add some extra excitement to the next event you are going to watch. You are not limited to only betting on which team will come out victorious. Here is a list of different types of bets you can make:

Match Winner: Place a bet on which of the teams you believe will win. This sometimes also includes draws depending on the tournament format.

Handicap Betting: Give one of the teams fictitious map wins and wager on who will win with the added wins. For example, you might believe Team A are going to win a BO3 2-0. Then it is better to wager on them with a -1.5 handicap instead of just straight up as you will get higher odds, but also added risk.

Double Chance: You find an outcome you do not think will occur? Bet on the other two with double chance. You can bet Team A or draw, Team B or draw or that it will not be a draw.

Correct Score: Predict what the end score of a match will be. This needs to go over at least two games for it to be applicable.

Map X Winner: Bet on who you think will win a specific map. Believe that Team A is stronger on Radiance than Dire? Take advantage of that.

Win At Least 1 Map: You can place a bet on a team to get at least one map win. These can either be safer bets on the favorites or more reasonable bets for underdogs that are unlikely to win the match, but can take a map of the favorites.

There are often other bets offered closer to start of the games and the bigger the games, the larger the selection. You can often find prop bets like which team will get First Blood, who will get the first Roshan kill, how many kills in total and many other options.

DotA 2 Tournaments

Unlike other sports like the NFL or Premier League, DotA 2 does not have a specific set schedule for when their games are held. The premier tournaments are held around the same time every year, but they are usually concluded over a couple of days, so if you are away from the scene just for a couple of days you might miss some big chances.

There are plenty of DotA 2 tournaments being played all over the world and it is beyond the scope of this page to cover all of them. Since only the most popular ones will be getting betting odds offered on them, we will try to focus on those given that this is a betting site mainly and esports secondly.

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