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Online gambling has exploded in the later years and have provided new services to those who like to get some action in on their favorite sport. With the influx of smart phones and tablets, it has gotten even easier to access your favorite bookmaker and wager on the sport of your choosing. Online betting and gambling has been operating since 1994, and has since both grown in size and options.

To start out you could mostly just wager on the winner on the most popular sports like football, soccer or other such events. Nowadays, you can find bets on most any sport and many different types of bets, ranging from winners and totals, to futures and proposition bets.

Now we see that many sportsbooks try to capture more and more of the potential betting market by offering more and more esoteric betting options, and the latest that has been added by some bookmakers are esports betting, which now makes it possible to bet on your favorite esport online.

Get started with Esports Betting

As of right now, there are not that many sports betting operators that offer bets on esporting events. However, more and more are seeing that this is an untapped market, and the competition is increasing as we speak. For now though, I would recommend depositing and betting at Pinnacle Sports for both your funds sake and to get the best possible odds you can when you bet on events.

But even though you only have access to Pinnacle Sports at the moment, this is considered one of the top sportsbooks online. They offer razorsharp odds, high limits, great customer service and a great website. This is by no means the worst option one could be stuck with when it comes to betting options.

Betting Markets

For those who wants to wager real money on esports, there are options, but mostly on the most popular events and games. You will find that you can bet on the biggest names in Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, League of Legends and Dota 2. They feature the biggest tournaments, so you are sure to find a bet of your liking if you follow the pro-scene.

If you are more into the indie-style and homemade events, you will sadly be out of luck, but you are welcome to contact Pinnacle (or one of your favorite bookmakers) and ask them to add the events. Most of them are more than willing to accomodate you. I asked Betsafe once to put up odds on our local streetsoccer league, and they did! One guy bet $200 on his own team and won $2000. So it helps asking. Good businesses listens to their customers, and Pinnacle is one of them.

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As for other options, you are very limited in betting options. Mostly you can bet on the moneyline on games, with the added benefit of getting the chance to bet with a spread on some more lopsided games. You won't find props like "First blood" or "Total gametime" just yet, but they are being worked on, and trust me, I am going to bet them when they get out.

Fixed Odds and Spread Betting

A little information regarding betting on esports will help some of you who are brand new to betting online. Knowing what fixed odds and what spread betting are (as well as moneyline) will go a long way in letting you get an edge over the bookmakers.

Fixed odds is the standard way of taking a wager for the bookies. You are presented the odds, either in american odds, decimal odds or fractional odds. You decide how much to wager and the odds tells you how much you get back if you win your bet. This is the most widely used method when determining how much you will win and gives you much transparency in you betting. Bookmaking at bars and other local places are often done with unspecified odds, which change depending who is bet on the most and how much is gotten in is less used online and you shouldn't worry about it.

Spread betting is in reference to a commong wager option where you can give one of the teams or players a handicap before you bet them, so that the odds gets closer to a coinflip. This is often done in games where there are overwhelming favorites playing underdogs. You will find some huge odds on the dogs and low odds on the favorites. Many gamblers do not like to bet at such extreme odds, and most prefer odds that are closer to a coinflip. To make this available, you can add a handicap to your team. For example, in League of Legends, there is often played a set where there is a BO3. By betting on a team with -1.5, it means your wager only wins if they win both their games. If they win 2-1, your wager loses. This will give you higher odds, as winning two in a row has a lower chance of occurring than winning two in a row OR win two and losing one.

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Esports Betting Strategy

For those looking to make a little money betting on your past-time, you should look into how you can determine a winner before the game is played. I will give you a little introduction here, and will accompany this with some more indepth article on the different games at a later date.

For more in-depth strategy tips on the specific games, check out the following articles:

What is a #1 thing a new sports bettor should know when they first start out is that betting on sports is an act of figuring out probabilities. Even though Jaedong is the overwhelming favorite to beat some uknown america player, there still is SOME chance of the american taking games of the mighty Zerg player. The common thing for people is to believe that Jaedong will win this game 100% of the time and thus bet on the short odds they get, like 1.05 or something. It is common for bookmakers to shade odds against the favorites as well, as they know the public is likely to bet on them blindly. So be sure to calculate both of the teams/players chances of winning the game and compare these probabilites with the odds you are offered.

So I suggest you find your favorite esports betting site, signup, deposit funds and start betting on the tournament of your choice. It makes the event that much more fun!