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Online gambling has exploded in the later years and have provided new services to those who like to get some action in on their favorite sport. Since 1994 you could use the internet to wager on sports and size then the growth have been exponential. With the influx of smart phones and tablets, it has gotten even easier to access your favorite bookmaker and place a bet on the sport of your choosing.

To start out you could mostly just wager on the winner on the most popular sports like football, soccer or other such events. Nowadays, you can find bets on most any sport and many different types of bets, ranging from winners and totals, to futures and proposition bets - and finally - we now how reached the day where esports bets are common place at the bookies. Check out which you should use in our table below.

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Now we see that many sportsbooks try to capture more and more of the potential betting market by offering more and more esoteric betting options, and the latest that has been added by some bookmakers are esports betting, which now makes it possible to bet on your favorite esport.

For a long time the biggest limits and widest markets being offered were found at Pinnacle Sports This is an online sportsbook operating out of the Netherlands and have been in the business for a long time. They offer bets on the most popular esports, like Starcraft 2, League of Legends and Dota 2.

But other sites are starting to catch up and Betway has shown itself to be a real contender in this booming market with plenty of different bets on a wider variety of games. Our recommendation is to use one of these bookmakers if you want to have the most esports bets available to you at one single place.

Get started with Esports Betting

Are you new to betting on esports or maybe new to betting in general? Don't worry, we have got your back! For those who are new to betting on esports, we have created quick esports game guides that you can read to gain some insight into how they are played and what you need to look for when betting on them. Maybe you are new to betting in general, if so, we have just the guide for you: Esports Betting Introduction - A Guide for Noob Bettors. Learn all you need to know on how to place your first bet online for real money.

As of right now, not all sports betting operators offer bets on esporting events. However, more and more are seeing that this is an untapped market, and the competition is increasing as we speak. For now though, I would recommend depositing and betting at one of our recommended betting sites as these are ones we have used for a long time and have shown that they are looking to expand into this market.

The sites that we review here are considered among the top sites for online betting and most have a long standing reputation with their customers. If we take a look at a new site, we will share that information in the review and let you know the potential risk associated with depositing money at their site. Our tip though is to stick with the reputable sites to start out with, they are recommended for a reason!

Betting Markets

For those who wants to bet real money on Esports, there are plenty of options, but usually limited to the most popular events and games. You will find that you can bet on the biggest names in League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, StarCraft and other games. They feature the biggest tournaments, so you are sure to find a bet of your liking if you follow the pro-scene.

Games to Bet On

If you are more into the indie-style and homemade events, you will sadly often be out of luck, but you are welcome to contact Pinnacle (or one of your favorite bookmakers) and ask them to add the events. Most of them are more than willing to accomodate you. I asked Betsafe once to put up odds on our local street soccer league, and they did! One guy bet $200 on his own team and won $2000. So it helps asking. Good businesses listens to their customers, and Pinnacle is one of them.

As for other options, you are very limited in betting options. Mostly you can bet on the moneyline on games, with the added benefit of getting the chance to bet with a spread on some more lopsided games. If you are looking to bet on props and more esoteric events then Betway is probably the place you want to get an account.

Fixed Odds Betting

A little information regarding betting on Esports will help some of you who are brand new to betting online. Knowing things like what fixed odds and spread betting are (as well as moneyline) will go a long way in letting you get an edge over the bookmakers. If you are brand new to betting in general, you should check out our sports betting guide to learn the basics for online betting.

Fixed odds is the standard way of taking a wager for the bookies. You are presented the odds, either in american, decimal or fractional format. You decide how much to wager and the odds tells you how much you get back if you win your bet. This is the most widely used method when determining how much you will win and gives you much transparency in you betting. Bookmaking at bars and other local places are often done with unspecified odds, which change depending who is bet on the most and how much is gotten in is less used online and you shouldn't worry about it.

One of the most important aspects of being a successful bettor is being able to manage your bankroll. This goes both for the casual and professional bettor. You need to set aside a set sum of money that you will use for betting purposes, a sum which you do not need for anything else and that you can afford to lose. Now you also need to be able to make this last for a long time by not overbetting and losing it way too quickly, but at the same time you need to be able to push your edge when you find great bets. Those who knows the secret to doing these things will become very profitable in the long run, and I would venture to say that it is the most important aspect of betting.

Esports Betting Strategy

For those looking to make a little money betting on your past-time, you should look into how you can determine a winner before the game is played. I will give you a little introduction here, and will accompany this with some more in depth article on the different games at a later date.

For more strategy tips on the specific games, check out the following articles:

What the #1 thing a new sports bettor should know when they first start out is that betting on sports usually boils down to the act of figuring out probabilities. Even though Jaedong is the overwhelming favorite to beat some unknown American player, there still is SOME chance of the American taking games of the mighty Zerg player. The common thing for people is to believe that Jaedong will win this game 100% of the time and thus bet on the short odds they get, like 1.05 or something. It is common for bookmakers to shade odds against the favorites as well, as they know the public is likely to bet on them blindly. So be sure to calculate both of the teams/players chances of winning the game and compare these probabilities with the odds you are offered.

So I suggest you find your favorite Esports betting site, signup, deposit funds and start betting on the tournament of your choice. It makes the event that much more fun! Remember though that it is supposed to be fun, so do not deposit and bet with money you cannot afford to lose!

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