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Counter Strike is one of the oldest first-person shooting games around, a game that spawned the multiplayer FPS trend, which has seen games like Call of Duty and Battlefield take the helm. Despite being first released back in 1999, Counter Strike is still popular to this day, attracting crowds of fans and hordes of players, and with the release of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, it currently stands as one of the most intense and action-packed esports.

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About Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Available on most operating systems, including Linux, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a multiyear FPS that is typically played by teams, but can also be played by individuals. The games are objective-based, and those objectives range from who can get the most kills in a specified time (known as a Deathmatch) to a hostage rescuing objective (known as Hostage Scenario). There are five game types in total, and these are all utilised for Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournaments, which can be played by average players through third-party servers, or by professionals at big events.

Most tournaments have cash prizes on offer, with the smaller ones gathering the money through crowd-funding — courtesy of the Counter Strike community — and the biggest ones offering hundreds of thousands of dollars to a lucky few. Some of the best players include the Fnatic team, who all hail from Sweden and have won some of the biggest prize pools ever accumulated.

Types of Bets

The betting markets in Counter Strike: Global Offensive are mainly focused on the team-player aspect of the game. Here you will find outright betting markets, which is where you can bet on the winner of any given tournament or event. These are known as long-term bets, and they are generally available until the tournament begins. After this, it becomes an active live betting market, and because not many of these are available on esports, it may be difficult to find such a bet.

In extended tournament markets, whereby groups are played-out before a knockout round begins, you can also bet on the winners and qualifiers from individual groups. On many sites you can even bet on the success of certain nations, staking your money on whether or not the tournament will be won by a non-Swedish team, for instance.

Basic Betting Strategy

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is unique in the esports field, not only is it one of the oldest games around, which means it has a very large and diverse following, and that there are many events available, but it is also one that is dominated by a single nation. In fact, in the Spring of 2015 it was reported that the total Counter Strike: Global Offensive prize money had hit close to $4 million, and that nearly 50% of that had gone to Swedish players. This is phenomenal when you consider that this game is played and loved all over the world.

For gamblers, it creates huge opportunities to anyone who can spot an up-and-coming player from outside of Sweden who is able to trump the game’s biggest stars. So much focus is given to Swedish players that even the poor players tend to have short odds, but the same can not be said for players from other nations. This is why research and knowledge of the game is key, because there are players breaking through all of the time and if you can spot one and predict their success, then you’ll be in for a big payday.

Biggest Tournaments

As is the case with most esports, Counter Strike: Global Offensive tends to be at its biggest during the Dreamhack, which is a bi-annual event that attracts gamers from around the world and hosts a number of tournaments for a number of games. The Swedes typically dominate this event, with Fnatic one of the teams that usually finds itself on the winner’s list. However, the French based Team LDLC shook things up with a victory in the Winter of 2014, making them the first non-Swedish victors since Natus Vincere, a Ukrainian team, scooped the grand prize in the winter of 2010.

Tournaments are generally available all year round. This is one of the longest running esports after all, and it has had more than enough time to build a following and to create annual events. Other events include the ESL ESEA Pro League, the Counter Pit League and CEVO Professional, all of which run regular seasons with huge prize pools.

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