Victory Five
2022-06-25 13:10:00
Royal Never Give Up

Victory Five vs Royal Never Give Up

2022-06-24 22:56:38Posted by Petar

We're going to take a gamble here. Victory Five are, by the looks of it, the best and most rejuvenated team in the LPL. The gap between them and the rest of the Chinese pantheon might not be all that large or particularly insurmountable, but it *does* seem to exist. And, well, that was also the case back in Spring. V5 dominated beyond all measure, and it mattered very little whom they went up against -- they almost always found a way to win and look good doing it.

They seem to be a cut above in the Best of 3 format, when there's not a whole lot on the line and when they can truly spread their proverbial wings.

Now, betting against the incumbent LPL champions -- the same team that styled over its opposition mere weeks ago over in Busan, South Korea -- is definitely an ill-advised decision. They have, however, shown a few weaknesses, most of which can be ascribed to fatigue and burnout.

They're still the biggest frontrunner to win Summer and eventually represent LPL as the number one seed but in the meantime they're probably going to drop a few games against the very best teams the LPL has to offer. Or, well, there's a high enough likelihood for that to happen, hence our "hazardous" decision.

The odds on Victory Five winning are simply far too good to pass up. We're not sure what'll happen once these two teams step foot on stage to compete, but V5 *do* have a shot -- that much is a fact. And, well, if they play their absolute best League of Legends they might even get away with it!

Victory Five Pinnacle 2.58 10 Win


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