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2021-02-05 19:05:00
G2 Esports

Team Vitality vs G2 Esports

2021-01-31 00:32:19Posted by Petar

For our third match of the day, we have a rather interesting clash between G2 Esports and Team Vitality. Now, frankly speaking, this isn't the most premier match-up one can imagine, but it's an alluring one nonetheless, and there's a very simple reason why: Vitality and their unexpected potential.

Simply put, they're looking far better than anyone expected and are currently one of the more fascinating challengers in the LEC. They’re severely flawed, of course, but there’s potential, and they should not be underestimated overall. Then again, their potential won't mean much if they can't shore up their biggest weaknesses and continue building on a fairly impressive foundation. That’s the number one thing Vitality needs to do: double down on their strengths and learn how to draft simple, easy-to-execute team comps with relatively small margins for error. Their first week of play was rather impressive. The second one, however, not so much. Still, a good chunk of that stems from the fact that they had to face a very game Fnatic and Rogue — arguably the second best team in Europe right now. The thing is, we never really got a good enough read on Vitality throughout 2020. There were some visa issues and a couple of baffling roster changes, so they could never really synergize as a five-man unit. But near the very end of the season, they actually became quite a dangerous challenger — one that could easily tango with the best teams the LEC had to offer. And, really, they didn't look the part, which didn't stop them from subverting everyone's expectations.

Their biggest weapon, one could argue, was certainly their potent early game. Vitality simply found leads in ways no one expected, and they did so on an individual level but also as a five-man unit. Their macro was pretty sound and they were always quick to react to what was happening on the map. Of course, they weren't an obscenely talented team so there was always a huge blunder or two in the mid game which eventually meant they couldn't leave much of a mark, but there was still ample potential (although very little of it was eventually realized).

And, by the looks of it, that whole early game-based identity hasn't changed whatsoever which, frankly, is quite fantastic. They just picked up where they last left off and have started the 2021 season on a fairly impressive note. When they set things up right, they look like a very dangerous playoff contender. When they fail to do so, however, they fumble and fail in a myriad of ways. Still, their win over Misfits Gaming tells us one important thing: they’re more than dangerous enough to compete. And, really, their losses to Rogue and Fnatic didn’t hurt their stock all that much because no one expected them to win in the first place. For Vitality, it’s all about setting things up and keeping track of the bigger picture. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to build any momentum as they’re scheduled to face G2 Esports — the best and most capable team ever assembled on European soil.

It’s pretty much impossible to imagine a world in which they outplay the defending champions and, while they’ll surely be somewhat competitive early on, they shouldn’t be able to emerge victorious once all is said and done. G2 Esports is heavily favored in this one, and there’s a good reason why. Either way, we should be in for quite an entertaining scrap!

G2 Esports Pinnacle 1.13 2 Win


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