Team Vitality
2022-07-16 19:30:00

Team Vitality vs Fnatic

2022-07-16 01:44:30Posted by Petar

Where does one even begin with this one. There's so much ground to cover, so many flaws and deficiencies to point out and criticize and yet, in a way, there's really no point in doing any of that. Maybe it's the jadedness talking, but we're both confused and disappointed in equal measure -- there's no excuse for Fnatic and Team Vitality.

They have some of the very best players around and yet, for whatever reason, that still hasn't resulted in anything worthy of note. And, well, we're at the halfway point of the Summer Split; there's not a lot of time left. There are just ten games left to be played across a four-week period. That's nothing! And yet both teams have already shown tremendous flaws and highly exploitable weaknesses, all of which could end up making a big enough difference once the postseason comes around. They *will* make playoffs, of that you can be certain, but we're not yet convinced that they're well-equipped to tango with the likes of Rogue, MAD, and G2. Those three teams are by no means perfect, but they *have* been a lot more consistent and their strengths are a lot more pronounced, too.

Well, G2's the obvious outlier but we'll give them the benefit of the doubt -- they're surely burned out from competing at MSI.

We've lost all hope for Vitality. They might end up pulling off an upset or two going forward but they will not be making any waves come playoffs. That much is obvious. They're the most stacked gatekeeper in the history of the LEC and are, therefore, a tremendous disappointment. And, well, they know it, too, which has surely left a mark on their mental. It cannot be easy, performing in front of so many people whilst carrying such a tremendous burden.

Maybe it's not even *their* fault but rather that of the coaching staff -- the folks in charge need to shoulder the grunt of the blame and that, for whatever reason, has yet to happen. Vitality hasn't had a good, effective coach (one that is respected and revered by his peers and contemporaries) for what feels like an eternity. And, well, their results (or lack thereof) speak for themselves. There's very little to single out, to praise, to commend. It's been one shoddy performance after another, with very few excursions and deviations from that "cadence."

There's no "clear cut" favorite here as both teams have a tendency to underperform and implode. Vitality, however, are a much bigger offender in that regard, so we'll go with Fnatic and hope for the best.

Fnatic 1xBet 1.56 1 Loss


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