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2022-01-15 20:25:00

Team Vitality vs Fnatic

2022-01-15 13:34:09Posted by Petar

An absolute barnburner. How else could we ever describe it? A clash of LEC royalty and some of the best players in the history of the game. Then again, none of them are playing at their best right now, so it's probably going to be even closer (and sloppier) than expected.

Vitality's first game against MAD was, frankly, embarrassing. They did next to nothing right, and their draft was equally as abysmal. Everything started off with a thoroughly perplexing pick and ban phase -- Vitality (to no one's surprised) opted for a bravado-fueled team comp and it came back to bite them. That's the thing: they're driven by ego, and yet they're just not good enough at this point in time to back it up. MAD punished them beautifully in what was one of the most one-sided shellackings we've seen as of late.

Fnatic wasn't perfect in their match against BDS (far from it, in fact), but at least they delivered when it mattered most and had reached "operating temperature" in time for the mid game. It was a flawed showing, but we *did* get a glimpse at their staggering potential and we were not left indifferent. Hylissang, of course, hardcarried them beyond measure with his sensational Rakan engages, but the rest of the team did their fair share of the work as well.

Unlike Vitality, they looked like a team, like five players all fighting towards the same goal. There wasn't any ego involved and they got the win as a result. Now, Vitality will not make the same mistake today -- they got their lesson. That means they're bound to be a lot more competitive and, by proxy, dangerous. Still, it's nigh impossible to give them the benefit of the doubt after yesterday's showing. It was abysmal in every sense of the word and it obviously left a sour taste in everyone's mouth -- theirs especially.

Fnatic might not be better pound for pound, but their bottom lane duo is undoubtedly the very best in this corner of the world, and if everyone does their job and YamatoCannon comes out with a better draft, they should definitely be able to beat Vitality. This, however, will also depend on Wunder stepping up and surviving the laning phase against Alphari -- something that is easier said than done. The stakes are high seeing how both Fnatic and Vitality are vying for the same spot in the standings, so expect everyone to be on their best behavior!

Fnatic 1xBet 1.70 1 Win


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