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2022-06-25 22:45:00
Team Liquid

Team SoloMid vs Team Liquid

2022-06-25 22:19:38Posted by Petar

This, while inherently a mismatch, is definitely a game you ought to tune in to. First of all, TSM, while by no means capable or particularly dangerous, are still a challenger worthy of respect. And, perhaps most importantly, they've shown tremendous growth in their first three games -- all three of which were also tremendously flawed, too.

Such volatility was to be expected, what with them having to rebuild synergy from the ground up. Still, it was a much better look for the boys in white and black than we expected, so we're sort of excited to see them play. Optimistic, even, although with as much caution as humanly possible. They're not a top-tier team but they can, by all means, put up a fight and perhaps even leave some kind of a mark.

The second reason why one ought to tune in is because of the former four-time North American champions Team Liquid. They've entered the second half of the season with an incredible amount of focus and their results speak for themselves. They're, at worst, a Top 2 team right now, and we can't wait to see whether they'll be able to dethrone Evil Geniuses once everything is said and done.

TSM don't have much of a chance, but we *are* interested in seeing how big of a fight they'll be able to put up. If they can turn this into a competitive, even scrap, that'll no doubt do wonders for their confidence and, by proxy, give them a bit of momentum for the weeks and months to come. That's why we'll all tune in, eager as ever, to see these two age-old giants square off for the millionth time.

Team Liquid Pinnacle 1.26 1 Loss


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