Team SoloMid
2021-06-07 00:00:00
Golden Guardians

Team SoloMid vs Golden Guardians

2021-06-06 23:07:15Posted by Petar

This is pretty much as big of a mismatch as it gets — Team SoloMid are better across the board and will surely prove it tonight as well. There's just no way whatsoever for the Golden Guardians to compete as they lack the tools and the potential which are necessary to trade blows with a team of TSM's caliber. Now, make no mistake: the boys in black and white are far from perfect, but they're undoubtedly the best-performing team in North America right now, and have wasted no time whatsoever in putting everyone on notice.

Their first two games of the split have been phenomenal, and they've earned all the praise and commendation they've been getting. Are they the frontrunners to win the whole split? Well, it's still too early to make any such bold prediction, but they're definitely a shoo-in for the finals, at least if they keep playing this darn well. Cloud9 are nowhere near as dangerous without Zven as their marksman, and the same goes for Team Liquid who've decided to bench Alphari in favor of Jenkins.

Team SoloMid don't have such issues. They've worked around the clock to shore up their weaknesses and you can see it from their play, too. They're still not the epitome of consistency, but they're not far off either. Right now, as things stand, they're an absolute behemoth, and if they're able to maintain such a respectable level of play they'll no doubt finish the regular portion of the split in first place.

The Golden Guardians, however, don't have much to fight for. So, naturally, we're going to side with the former LCS champions on this one as it's truly the only logical option. GGS might make things slightly more competitive than expected but they should, by all means, eventually succumb to TSM's might.

Team SoloMid Betway 1.20 5 Win


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