Team SoloMid
2022-07-02 20:35:00
Evil Geniuses

Team SoloMid vs Evil Geniuses

2022-07-02 14:03:16Posted by Petar

No one in their right mind expects TSM FTX to come out on top here, but they *do* have a shot at making it really competitive, and for that -- if nothing else -- you really ought to tune in. They've improved a ton thus far and it's really not something we thought would happen. We've all sort of lost faith in the LCS titans of yore, and they only have themselves to blame for it.

Their decision to bring Chovy aboard as their head coach has yet to yield any great, praiseworthy result. Good things take time, we know this, but for TSM -- an organization built around utter dominance -- time is the one thing they *don't* have. It is a luxury they cannot afford, especially not after falling off the proverbial cliff last split.

In any case, they've finally hit their stride and are riding a very potent momentum wave as well -- a natural by-product of them taking down Team Liquid (in fairly clean and commanding fashion). In fact, TSM have one of the most impressive early games in the LCS, and now that their execution has gotten a bit more precise, it seems that they're snowballing a lot more often and, perhaps most importantly, with more urgency.

In any case, they're a worthy opponent and can, by all means, compete and trade blows and "tango" with the biggest frontrunners around.

Evil Geniuses, however, are still favored, and there's a very good reason why: they're the better team with higher highs and a much more varied arsenal of weapons; they're not as rough around the edges and they also have a fair bit more cohesion, too. Betting on them to win here, therefore, is not only possible option, in spite of TSM's sudden resurgence.

Evil Geniuses Pinnacle 1.34 1 Win


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