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2021-06-05 22:40:00

Team Dignitas vs FlyQuest

2021-06-05 21:55:37Posted by Petar

Dignitas vs. FlyQuest is quite an interesting match-up, although it's not all too important in the grand scheme of things given how these two teams occupy two vastly different ends of the spectrum, both in terms of the standings and their overall chances of leaving a mark.

Still, the gap in talent isn't as great as most folks would lead you to believe. FlyQuest have a lot more potential than they've shown, although that matters very little if they cannot huddle up and deliver when it matters most. They still need a bit of time to synergize and get on the same page, but we know for a fact that they'll eventually grow into a respectable challenger. When that'll happen, though, still remains to be seen. They have the right players for the job (although one or two roster changes wouldn't hurt) so it's only a matter of time.

Dignitas, on the other hand, wasted no time at all in letting everyone know they mean business. Their first win over Evil Geniuses has once again confirmed our assumptions: they're a top-tier contender, even though they might not look the part. Still, judging a book by its cover rarely makes sense, especially if it's the LCS we're talking about — the home of the most mind-boggling fiestas and twists that can make your head explode.

FlyQuest, to their credit, definitely started off on the right foot with a win over Counter Logic Gaming, but we'd be remiss if we didn't say that they were practically gifted the game on a silver platter. The fact that they ended up with Gwen, Viego, and Sylas simply boggles the mind. All they had to do was play *remotely* well and the win was all but guaranteed.

In the end, we'll side with Dignitas on this one although it'll probably be a lot more competitive than the odds would lead you to believe.

Team Dignitas Pinnacle 1.69 1 Win


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