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2022-07-15 19:25:00
G2 Esports

SK Gaming vs G2 Esports

2022-07-15 16:16:11Posted by Petar

A truly weird match-up, one that is at once both tremendously lopsided *and* somewhat interesting. Perhaps "peculiar" would be the most apt way to describe it. Its conclusion seems foregone -- as it almost always is whenever SK are involved -- but we're still interested in seeing just how big of a fight they'll put up and whether or not they were able to shore up any of their weaknesses during this most recent two-week hiatus.

They almost surely *haven't*, speaking from a purely statistical standpoint, but it'd be unfair of us to judge and criticize even before they've stepped foot on stage to compete. Then again, they are scheduled to face the absolute best team in all of Europe, so there really aren't many ways in which this clash can pan out -- just one, in fact.

The shadow of G2 Esports still looms over the LEC. They're the number one team for a very good reason and while they did, in all fairness, have a few setbacks and snafus, we're confident they'll make the right adjustments and come back stronger than ever. It's such a standard G2 narrative, too: they constantly teeter on the edge, always making us wonder whether they're actually struggling as a team or if they're just fooling around and doing a bit of good old-fashioned "limit testing." One can never be too certain.

In any case, we can't wait to once again see them in action. They're an incredibly layered team and they haven't even come close to reaching their full potential. What a frightening thought, too, the sheer notion that there's still so much performance "overhead." It's the G2 era, and the dynasty which we all know so well is back in full effect. And, by the looks of it, it's not going anywhere any time soon.

SK Gaming, at least on a good day, are a very capable challenger. Well, perhaps we've gone a bit too far: they're a *fairly* capable challenger, one that can, from time to time, exceed expectations. They're nowhere near good as G2 nor will they ever be, which doesn't, however, mean they'll just roll over and let their Nexus explode -- they always fight with zest and fervor, and while that's not going to result in anything of note this time around it is, at the very least, a commendable trait.

G2 Esports 1xBet 1.14 1 Loss


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