Royal Never Give Up
2022-09-02 08:10:00
Edward Gaming

Royal Never Give Up vs Edward Gaming

2022-09-01 18:24:54Posted by Petar

Yet another spectacle -- the kind the LPL has become so well known for. Royal Never Give Up taking on Edward Gaming is a barnburner if ever we've seen one. It is a clash between the reigning MSI title-holders and the incumbent World Champions. If that doesn't make you start watering at the mouth we don't know what will.

Top Esports and JD Gaming have already qualified for the World Championship, which means that there are just two spots left; two tickets are still up for grabs, and, frankly, we couldn't possibly predict who'll end up claiming them.

Royal Never Give Up, Edward Gaming, LNG Esports, and (last but certainly not least) Victory Five will all duke it out for a shot at representing China on the biggest of stages. We're talking some of the very best and most stacked teams the world of competitive League has to offer. Many champions, legends, and standout performers spread across those four line-ups. And, well, *all* of them are worthy of playing at Worlds. That much is both clear and obvious.

The thing is -- and it's really the only fact and reality that is diminishing our hype levels -- these two teams already faced off mere weeks ago and Edward Gaming came out on top. And it wasn't all that competitive, either. Now sure, the LPL is always chaotic and just because *that* Best of 5 resolved in such a way doesn't mean that *this* particular rematch will as well. Then again, Edward Gaming *do* seem to be a cut above the rest, and if they play their cards right (and don't randomly implode) they should, by all means, be able to come out ahead once again.

Edward Gaming 1xBet 1.81 1 Win


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