Royal Never Give Up
2022-08-20 09:15:00
Edward Gaming

Royal Never Give Up vs Edward Gaming

2022-08-18 21:27:23Posted by Petar

What an absolute, mouth-watering barnburner! Royal Never Give Up taking on Edward Gaming has fireworks written all over it, and it'd be quite redundant of us to explain why! These two are amongst the most dangerous and capable teams in the history of competitive League of Legends. They're LPL royalty and have all the tools and weapons they need to once again leave a tremendous mark on the international stage.

In fact, one could argue that they're the biggest favorites to not only hoist the LPL trophy but also do some serious damage come Worlds. Royal Never Give Up have been the Mid-Season Invitational champions for a whopping two years now; Edward Gaming, on the other hand, are the incumbent world champions. Their trophy cases are about as populated as it gets, so if you're into top-tier League of Legends and want to get your mind blown, definitely make sure to clear out your schedule and tune in with open eyes as this Best of 5 is bound to deliver!

And, better yet, they're facing off in the upper half of the playoffs bracket which means they could, by all means, clash off one more time in the very near future!

The LPL is the de facto most stacked region in the world. Any team from the Top 5 has a legitimate shot at going the proverbial distance. That, too, is a fact. Some are slightly more favored than others, but the point stands nonetheless. Royal Never Give Up have generally been a bit more consistent than EDG but that, too, could be brought into question. They are, at the very least, separated by extremely slim margins, which makes *our* job a living nightmare. With all of that being said, we cannot help but side with RNG on this one.

After all, they've won nine of their last ten Best of 3s which, in short, is a tremendous feat. And even that one loss came at the hands of LGD Gaming in the very last match of the regular season so there's a most crucial asterisk next to it.

They have a tremendous amount of momentum behind their backs and should, by all means, be able to come out on top. It's not going to be pretty, though, so lay back and enjoy the show as it may well go the five-game distance!

Royal Never Give Up 1xBet 1.62 1 Loss


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