2022-01-15 16:10:00

Rogue vs Misfits

2022-01-15 11:59:37Posted by Petar

Betting on matches like this one is always a gargantuan challenge (if not even ill-advised). We simply cannot know who'll get the better of whom seeing how there are so many intangibles and potential complications just waiting to happen. We're talking about two heavily flawed, mid-tier teams, both of which have a shot at emerging victorious. We have a fair bit of empirical evidence at our disposal to make the call, but by no means are we making it with any particular amount of confidence.

Both Rogue and Misfits have started 2022 off with a win, but they didn't look all that good in the process. Far from it, in fact. They were sloppy, out of sync, and they made a slew of egregious mistakes as well (especially on an individual level). Then again, it's the very start of the competitive season, so we really shouldn't be judging them too harshly -- there's still time and room for them to grow and further develop.

Rogue's win came at the expense of a surprisingly feisty SK Gaming, whereas Misfits struggled to best the perennial bottom-dwellers Astralis. Both scraps were fairly entertaining, although they certainly veered towards the fiesta realm a bit more than we wanted. Be that as it may, getting the win at this early point of the season is of the utmost importance. They'll hone their skills and work on their issues going forward but getting a few wins on the board is arguably what matters most right now. These games always end up playing a much bigger role further down the line once teams start vying for a spot in the playoffs.

So, whom are we siding with here? The oddsmakers are heavily favoring Rogue and while they might not be all that much better than Misfits they should, by all means, be able to emerge victorious. Odoamne, Larssen, and Trymbi have performed quite well yesterday, and the same goes for Comp as well. Malrang is still a question mark but he was at the very least serviceable and should by no means end up being a weak link against a feisty Misfits Gaming.

All things considered, this is a far more important match than one would expect seeing how both of these teams are basically fighting for the exact same spot in the standings. Getting the win here could go a long way towards ensuring them a spot in the playoffs, so they'll surely play like their lives depend on it. We're siding with Rogue on this one as they have more experience but it's probably going to be a lot closer than the odds would lead you to believe. Either way, a fun, skirmish-heavy clash is all but guaranteed!

Rogue Betway 1.55 1 Win


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