2022-07-02 18:05:00
MAD Lions

Misfits vs MAD Lions

2022-07-02 11:17:30Posted by Petar

The MAD Lions are here to stay! What a tremendous performance from the boys in white and gold -- againsst the defending champions, no less! Their game against G2 was a thing of beauty, nay: a masterclass. They knew exactly what needed to be done, and *how* it needed to be done as well. Each and every single member of the team did something exemplary and carried whenever the need arose.

Armut and UNFORGIVEN, in particular, stood out in the most tremendous of ways. They finally showed up and boy were we not left indifferent! The latter's Twitch, specifically, is what gave MAD the edge in the mid and later stages of the game. His engages, his teamfighting and overall positioning blew our minds. We knew he had it in them but we *were* starting to get worried a bit after a series of iffy performances -- games in which he was good but not particularly awe-inspiring (as was the case back at the start of Spring).

This version of MAD is firing on all cylinders and are, without a shadow of a doubt, amongst the most dangerous teams in the LEC. They have very few weaknesses and if they can keep on playing at this incredibly high level they could, by all means, end up leaving a mark; they're better right now than both Fnatic *and* Rogue, and that's not a small feat considering just how much work they needed to do and how many flaws they needed to shore up coming into Summer.

They deserve all the praise in the world for their ability to correct course within such a short period of time. Misfits are good, too, but they're not on the same level nor will they ever be. They don't have as much talent, they're not as versatile, their players are not as clutch. They can, by all means, compete and trade blows, but once the going gets rough we don't doubt MAD will come out on top, much like they done on so many occasions in the past.

MAD Lions 1xBet 1.33 1 Loss


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