2021-01-24 18:05:00
MAD Lions

Misfits vs MAD Lions

2021-01-24 09:53:25Posted by Michistrate33

Misfits seems to be a coinflip team. One huge game followed by a poor one. For the direct match up i'd say that Hirit can beat Armut on the toplane. Skilled and agressive match up but hirit is a wanabee star. Razork is much better than Elyoya to me. Vetheo have shown that he didn't feel the pressure to play against a well known midlaner (nisqy) and can be egal against humanoid. Kobbe is calm and pretty passive but with vander they can handle laning phase and explode in midgame.

Misfits 1xBet 2.53 10 Win


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