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Misfits vs G2 Esports

2021-03-06 18:38:38Posted by Petar

G2 Esports vs. Misfits Gaming isn't exactly a clash of titans. Well, there's one titan involved, but it takes two to tango. G2 Esports, simply put, are in a league of their own. And, frankly speaking, it is a league that Misfits will never be able to join. It's a harsh way of phrasing things, but it is by no means incorrect. Heck, it's a league with just a single occupant: G2 Esports. They're the only ones in it, and they're the only ones who are good enough to be there. Everyone else pales in comparison. Heck, it's not even close.

Just when we think that someone might come close, a Rogue or a Fnatic perhaps, we are quickly reminded of just how foolish we truly are. There's no competing with G2. They're better in every way, shape, and form, and that'll remain the case for as long as they want to. The LEC is packed with talent, but the best and most capable players are all under G2's banner. They can play at 50% strength and still run circles around their opposition. It isn't even close. Heck, the gap between G2 and Rogue -- the second best team in the region -- is as wide as the Grand Canyon. And no, it won't narrow or shrink any time soon (if ever). That's just the way things are. A line-up this powerful and talented comes once in a decade, and we're lucky for being able to see them perform on a weekly basis.

They're not always perfect, but they don't need to be. They're also bored from time to time, so they decide to draft the most ill-advised, off-the-wall team comps they can imagine, and still they find a way to get their hands raised. There's no competing with G2. Or, rather, there is, but only as much as they will allow it. They like to give their opponents a false sense of accomplishment -- like they might actually stand a chance. But we know better -- we've seen their antics time and time again, and they're still as fun to observe as ever.

By the looks of it, G2 Esports will defend their LEC throne yet again. And the same will surely happen in Summer, too. There's just no one capable enough to challenge them. How could they, after all? This is the absolute best and most stacked line-up in European history.

Misfits have improved quite a bit lately. That's a fact, so credit where credit is due. They started things off quite well but then, for reasons that still elude us, deteriorated beyond belief. Now, after their horrendous mid-split detour, they're back in action and are performing a lot better than you'd expect. Unfortunately for Misfits, they're scheduled to face none other than the defending LEC champions which, for all intents and purposes, is a guaranteed loss.

They will, however, compete to the best of their ability. They know they'll face an uphill battle, so they'll surely play without any pressure — no one's giving them a chance, after all. This one fact will empower Misfits in all the right ways, so expect a fairly competitive affair, at least early on. Eventually, however, G2 will do what G2 does best -- find an opening and close things out in emphatic fashion.

G2 Esports Pinnacle 1.22 2 Win


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