2021-02-12 19:00:00
G2 Esports

Misfits vs G2 Esports

2021-02-12 17:51:12Posted by Petar

A clash between G2 Esports and Misfits Gaming is actually far more enticing than it might seem at first glance. There is, of course, a large gap between them when it comes to performance and, above all, long-term potential, but it's not as obscene or insurmountable a chasm as some might lead you to believe. G2 is favored, and there's a very good reason why, but this probably won't be as easy a game as it might seem. Simply put: Misfits Gaming can pack a punch, although no one's quite sure which shade of Misfits will come out on stage and compete -- it really depends on the day, and there's very little rhyme or reason behind it all. Sometimes they'll play above expectations and awe us with their aggression and flexibility. Other times, however, they'll play like a bunch of solo queue randoms and make the most egregious mistakes possible. That's Misfits in a nutshell, at least at this point in time.

G2 Esports, on the other hand, need no introduction. They are, simply, the best team ever assembled on LEC soil. But they haven't been quite as dominant or consistent over the last two weeks, and their losses to Schalke 04 and Fnatic are pretty worrying, although we know they're nothing but a temporary setback. G2 are not the epitome of consistency and they also slack off and experiment whenever they feel like it. Still, whenever push comes to shove, they deliver in every sense of the word, and this 2021 season should be no different in that regard. Right now, however, they need a rebound win and are surely motivated to outclass Misfits Gaming as much as possible. Fortunately, they have all the right tools for the job, and shouldn't have too much trouble in taking them down. Rogue are currently ranked above them, and Fnatic and Schalke are hot on their tracks, so one can rightfully assume that G2 will do everything in their power to stave off incoming challengers and solidify their spot at the very top of the region.

In any case, expect a fairly competitive, skirmish-heavy affair that's bound to entertain!

G2 Esports Betway 1.25 2 Win


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