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Misfits vs Fnatic

2021-03-13 17:40:53Posted by Petar

Next up, we have a game that is endlessly more interesting than anyone could've anticipated — Fnatic vs. Misfits Gaming is an absolute barnburner in the making! But we simply couldn't have known things would pan out in such a way. After all, this was never supposed to be a competitive clash, given how it's a fight between the former "Kings of Europe" and a feisty albeit inherently flawed mid-tier gatekeeper.

But given the way things have unraveled lately, this is definitely a match you do not want to miss! Both teams have a lot to prove and fight for, and -- if history is any indication -- they'll surely going to fight their hearts out without any hesitations or reserve. That, in turn, should result in a metric ton of skirmishing (i.e. the kind of competitive League we love most).

The most interesting thing about this clash is that these two teams are separated by just two wins. That's not a whole lot, you'll probably agree, and there are two games left to be played so, in theory, Misfits can still tie Fnatic, despite struggling so much more throughout the split. They're also entering this clash with a lot more momentum given their incredible (and quite unexpected) win over MAD Lions yesterday (who also hold a spotless head-to-head record over the former "Kings of Europe").

Misfits aren't favored here and there's a good reason why, but they're still far more capable and resilient than people give them credit for. They're not a top-tier team — on that we can all agree, but they can definitely pack a punch and they're obviously unafraid of throwing caution out the window and fighting like there's no tomorrow. That's what you want to see from a struggling team — the willingness to trade blows regardless of the odds, and Misfits definitely proved it yesterday. They should not be trifled with as they have some fairly exceptional players. They pale in comparison to Fnatic, of course, but the gap between them isn't nearly as big as some people would like you to believe. HiRit is an absolutely stellar top laner (and a breakout star thus far), Kobbe and Vander are a veteran bottom lane duo that can still pack a punch, and Vetheo? The jury's still out on the guy but if his yesterday's Sylas game is any indication, he's more than capable of ascending the ranks and making a name for himself.

Misfits have all the tools to beat Fnatic, but it'll all boil down to which "shade" of Fnatic shows up to compete. Will it be the inconsistent, inherently volatile one? The team that plays solely off of individual talent and mechanical prowess because they obviously still lack synergy? Or will it be the aggressive, commanding, and on-point Fnatic we'd seen a couple of times throughout the split? No one's quite sure, in all fairness, and they probably don't know either. It all depends on the day. They're not a coin-flip team per se, but they're not far off either.

Still, they're favored for a reason. Fnatic historically play their best League of Legends when their backs are agains the wall, and getting a win here tonight would guarantee them a spot in the playoffs, so they definitely have a reason to tryhard. Heck, maybe that's even an understatement. Either way, we should be in for one heck a clash, so make sure to tune in!

Fnatic 1xBet 1.52 1 Loss


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