2022-06-26 23:55:00
Team Dignitas

Immortals vs Team Dignitas

2022-06-26 23:39:04Posted by Petar

A fight between two of the worst teams in the LCS. Not exactly what you'd skip school to watch. There's just... a lot of mediocrity across the board, with very little long-term potential. These are still feisty bottom-feeders, mind you, but they just don't have the right tools to compete -- they're not as good as the rest of their peers.

Immortals at least have a win on the board but that, in essence, means very little. With an inexperienced jungler and a marksman who's also not particularly flashy or capable, they're pretty much destined to finish the split at the very bottom of the standings. The same goes for Dignitas, too, but their skill ceiling is at least much higher. Whether they'll realize any of this potential still remains to be seen, but we're not particularly optimistic.

Their most recent loss to Cloud9 was at least incredibly competitive, with Blue having his best performance in a while. It's not much, granted, but at least they've shown signs of life. Immortals, on the other hand, were pretty darn dreadful, although they went up against the incumbent champions so we'd really have to give them a bit of leeway in the regard.

In any case, we're leaning more towards the boys in black and yellow, but it could really go either way -- there's not much of a gap between these two teams, which means we're bound to witness one heck of a fiesta.

Team Dignitas 1xBet 1.88 1 Win


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