2021-06-06 01:35:00
Golden Guardians

Immortals vs Golden Guardians

2021-06-06 01:07:37Posted by Petar

Finally, to close out the day, we have a rather uninteresting clash between Immortals and the Golden Guardians. Now, on paper, there's not a lot to like. In actuality, though, this might end up being one of the more entertaining scraps of the day, so there's definitely a reason to tune in. Moreover, both teams have already managed to usurp the LCS status quo; IMT took down 100 Thieves with relative ease, whereas GGS pulled off a seismic upset at the expense of Cloud9.

Now, no one's expecting them to ascend the ranks any time soon, but they've made us take notice, so credit where credit is due. They're obviously motivated and couldn't care less for what the oddsmakers (or the community, for that matter) have to say. That kind of approach is pretty much a superpower, especially once harnessed fully. They know they have nothing to lose and are playing accordingly — without fear or any hesitation. They're not world-class contenders, mind you, but they're obviously capable enough to compete and even win out from time to time (when the stars align, that is).

Which of the two is better is anyone's guess at this point. On paper, Immortals have a bit more potential, but the gap between them and GGS isn't nearly as big as the odds would lead you to believe. Regardless, they've performed a bit better throughout the year so we'll give them our benefit of the doubt on this one.

Immortals Pinnacle 1.51 1 Win


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