2021-06-20 23:35:00

Immortals vs FlyQuest

2021-06-20 22:55:08Posted by Petar

Immortals vs. FlyQuest lacks that extra bit of something that is necessary for us to tune in and watch the action unfold on the edge of our seats. It is, in many ways, a clash between two mid-tier gatekeepers, both of which have had great moments over the last couple of weeks. They're not great, but they're feist and are better than are generally given credit for. Moreover, they're perfectly aware that they're not going to leave a mark in the grand scheme of things any time soon (if ever). So, they've opted to take things slow, develop at a leisurely pace, and given their players enough room to grow and maneuver.

Sometimes this approach works wonders, and other times it fails to generate anything worthy of mentioning.

Be that as it may, there's a lot on the line here, especially for Immortals who've racked up quite a respectable number of wins and are currently -- believe it or not -- one of the best-performing teams in North America. They might not look like it, but they've certainly impressed us in all the right ways. Their play still leaves a bit to be desired at times, but they're trading blows with teams ranked above them and are even winning out from time to time. So credit where credit is due. They've taken down Cloud9 yesterday and were just a single second away from getting the win over Team SoloMid as well, so they must be doing something right. Their drafts are fairly creative and they're fearless, too, so even though they might not be favored they'll still try their hardest and fight like their lives depend on it. Now, let's be clear: they're not going to upset the LCS status quo any time soon, but they're fun to watch and have been playing much better than most folks expected.

The same can be said for FlyQuest as well, but their highs haven't been quite as impressive, although one could argue that they have more long-term potential when compared to Immortals. Then again, we're grasping at straws here. In the end, we simply have to go with Immortals on this one, although we're not doing so with any huge amount of confidence. Whether they're better than FlyQuest is heavily up for debate, but they've been a lot cleaner execution-wise and have a concrete identity to call their own. FlyQuest, on the other hand, are currently on a three-game losing streak and have next to no momentum behind their backs. They do have a shot against Immortals, that's pretty much a fact, but based on their recent performances, we don't think they'll be able to execute well enough and get the "W," so IMT it is!

Immortals Pinnacle 1.61 1 Win


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