2021-07-10 01:20:00
Evil Geniuses

Immortals vs Evil Geniuses

2021-07-10 01:07:32Posted by Petar

The first three games of the day were huge, mind-blowing upsets. Counter Logic Gaming took down Team SoloMid (with a standard team comp, no less), FlyQuest beat Cloud9 to a pulp — despite fielding its Academy line-up, and the Golden Guardians have just outclassed the best team in North America 100 Thieves. Now, on the one hand, we're witnessing some truly exciting moments over in the LCS. On the other, this is precisely the opposite of what we're after whenever we're putting our money on the line.

The first three games of the day all transpired in ways no one thought were possible. So, needless to say, no one's quite sure what to expect going forward. As the old adage goes: expect the unexpected!

Evil Geniuses taking on Immortals is a lot less one-sided than any of the games we've just witnessed, so it could actually go either way and no one would be all too surprised. Heck, that's always a possibility whenever Evil Geniuses step foot on stage to compete — they're both spectacular and downright dreadful, often at the exact same time. Such a description will never make sense to the uninitiated, but a single game is all one needs to fully grasp such a "conflicting" concept. Jiizuke is the one player we're most focused on as he's the biggest difference-maker for Evil Geniuses. Fortunately, he's been mighty dangerous lately and is currently one of the best-performing mid laners in North America. He can still implode and feed like a madman, but those moments are few and far between. It's like he's been put on a leash, but can still pop off in the most important of ways.

Immortals, however, will not go down without a fight. They're well-equipped to take Evil Geniuses down, and if Xerxe and Revenge come out swinging, it's fair to say that anything could happen. They actually have a shot, and even though they're not favored to get the "W", they'll no doubt entertain us from start to finish and, who knows, maybe they'll really give EG a run for their money? Stranger things have happened in the LCS, so proceed with caution on this one.

Evil Geniuses Pinnacle 1.70 1 Win


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