2022-07-16 23:45:00

Immortals vs CLG

2022-07-16 23:13:22Posted by Petar

After a few straight barnburners, we have a good old-fashioned fiesta on our hands: Immortals going up against Counter Logic Gaming is undoubtedly the least anticipated match of the day. There's... really not a whole lot to get excited about, and that's mostly because of Immortals and their "tremendous" ability to regress and worsen beyond all comprehension.

A few good moments scattered throughout the first three weeks of play are just not enough. Their 1W-6L record screams it, too. That's a 14% win rate. Wholly abysmal, all things considered and, frankly, it's probably not going to get any better over the coming weeks; Immortals are without a shadow of a doubt the worst team in North America and we're not too happy for that being the case. Their line-up is pretty okay, too, but it lacks the cohesion which is necessary to compete on the LCS level.

Revenge, PowerOfEvil, and IgNar are still exceptional at the game but there is only so much they can do by themselves. Kenvi and Lost just aren't good enough, in comparison. The former might have shown some potential back in Academy, but having him start for a team as out of sync as Immortals was always going to backfire. In fact, we're kind of baffled anyone ever thought it made sense.

At least we're witnessing a most tremendous resurgence on the side of Counter Logic Gaming. We're still not willing to label them as a playoff contender (let alone anything better) but they *have* been making waves and they should be praised for it. We're not quite sure how this two-week-long break has affected them, though. LEC gatekeepers have grown a ton in the interim, but that doesn't have to be the case in North America as well -- it all depends on how the team itself handled such a hiatus and whether its players continued practicing or, conversely, took a bit of a reprieve.

In any case, they're better across the board and have shown a lot more potential during the first three weeks of play as well. Whether that'll translate into their performance tonight as well still remains to be seen, but they *are* favored and it's easy to understand why. Their drafts are better and they're currently competing with a lot more zest and determination, too. So, if they don't end up dropping the ball early on, they *should* be able to get another win on the board and, in doing so, improve to 5W-3L.

CLG 1xBet 1.52 1 Win


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