2021-07-18 20:10:00

Immortals vs CLG

2021-07-18 12:07:30Posted by Petar

Watching this Counter Logic Gaming line-up play League of Legends no longer conjures up any positive feelings. There's just no other way to put it. They're struggling in every which way and have improved very little (if at all) throughout the entire Summer Split. It hurts, is all, to see these beloved veterans fumble and fail in so many different ways. They deserve better and, frankly, so do we. Nothing seems to have gone their way -- and it certainly wasn't for a lack of trying.

Regardless, the end of the split is right around the corner, so their misery (and ours) will soon be over. Tonight they're scheduled to face Immortals who, in all fairness, are far from a surging challenger destined to upset the status quo. They're good, perhaps even great at times, but just not great enough for it to matter. Still, they're head and shoulders above Counter Logic Gaming and are basically a shoo-in for the playoffs. Whether they'll accomplish anything in the latter stages of the split still remains to be seen, but they've earned our respect for their creativity and feistiness.

With nine wins and eleven losses, they're pretty close to a .500 record which, given whom they have for opposition, is quite a commendable feat. Well, at least by Immortals' standards — no one expected too much from them coming into 2021 so the fact that they're trading blows so effectively with the LCS pantheon is quite a welcome surprise.

They're favored against CLG which, frankly, was to be expected. Even on a bad day they're more capable and talented than the boys in black and blue, so we're expecting a fairly dominant showing. It might be a bit more competitive should CLG draft one of their well-known, easy-to-execute team comps, but they should by no means be able to get the "W" no matter how hard they try.

Immortals 1xBet 1.61 2 Win


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