2021-06-27 21:35:00
100 Thieves

Immortals vs 100 Thieves

2021-06-27 11:42:24Posted by LeOverFlow

If 100 Thieves wins this game it will be their another 3 wins week. In last 10 games they only lost once, they've beaten the strongest LCS teams, so i don't think they will lose to Immortals. Immortals are a team that only wins when their enemies makes a terrible mistakes, 100 thieve rarely makes them so im pretty sure they'll win.

100 Thieves 1xBet 1.43 10 Win


juicelol 2021-06-27 12:31:12

lets gooo LeOverFlow is back to lol, time to make some money :D

LeOverFlow 2021-06-30 12:43:51

Hope you used some of my tips, coz this win streak is pretty huge ngl