Golden Guardians
2022-07-17 23:45:00
Team Dignitas

Golden Guardians vs Team Dignitas

2022-07-17 23:07:36Posted by Petar

This one's totally up in the air; we really cannot stress that enough. We have two incredibly flawed teams that can, at times, compete with the very best the LCS has to offer. They're volatile beyond all measure but also capable and surprisingly talented, too.

The thing is, no one in the LCS should be underestimated. TSM FTX just pulled off a tremendous upset at the expense of FlyQuest whereas Immortals pushed Cloud9 in ways no one thought possible. The gatekeepers and bottom-feeders all evolved, some in small, nuanced ways, others in more tremendous ones. But the status quo is a lot more competitive than it was just a mere two weeks ago. Whether that'll keep on being the case is anyone's guess, but it sure has made things a lot more exciting.

Both GG and Dignitas have ample potential. They also have hugely exploitable flaws, granted, but their ability to compete (from time to time) cannot (and should not) be underestimated. Who'll get the better of whom still remains to be seen, but we are leaning more towards the Golden Guardians. They're not necessarily any better than Dignitas, but they do seem have fewer weaknesses and are ever so slightly more consistent. Still, it's a toss-up.

Golden Guardians 1xBet 1.67 1 Win


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