Golden Guardians
2022-07-02 23:30:00

Golden Guardians vs Immortals

2022-07-02 14:28:22Posted by Petar

Betting on gatekeepers or bottom-feeders always feels ill-advised. Who's to say what'll happen, when even the players themselves aren't sure of it? Some of them are, naturally, quite confident in the outcome, but it's more a matter of posturing than any *real* confidence; a bit of childish bravado, if you will.

The Golden Guardians have been a lot more impressive thus far, but they're still amongst the most flawed and exploitable teams in the LCS; they, too, are a mid-tier contender, but their flaws and deficiencies have been so egregious and evident that we couldn't possibly give them the benefit of the doubt.

Fortunately, if there's one team that's even worse, it's Immortals.

They're just not good enough to compete at an LCS level, and that's not going to change any time soon. Whoever thought that bringing in Lost and Kenvi was a good idea obviously didn't have a good enough understanding of what Immortals *really* needed. They, too, have had a few good plays sprinkled throughout the last two weeks, but that is by no means enough to warrant any kind of praise or impressive result. Immortals have a laundry list of problems, none of which can be solved in a few weeks' time — at least not with their particular way of going about it.

They might put up a fight, but the possibility of them emerging victorious feels far too remote.

Golden Guardians 1xBet 1.65 1 Win


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