Golden Guardians
2021-06-12 02:00:00

Golden Guardians vs CLG

2021-06-12 00:51:34Posted by Petar

If there's one game you really don't have to watch today, it's probably this one. A clash between Counter Logic Gaming and the Golden Guardians really doesn't get the blood pumping. There's no other way to put it. Still, if you're into skirmish-heavy fieasts this one will surely deliver, so it's really up to you and your own personal preference!

Prediction-wise, it's fair to say that this one is completely up in the air. Both teams have been downright dreadful, and the fact that GGS were able to take a win off of Cloud9 should in no way cloud (pardon the pun) your judgement: they're a bottom-tier dweller through and through. And, well, the same can be said for Counter Logic Gaming -- a perennial North American organization that has been so staggeringly mediocre over the years that most folks forgot it once stood atop the LCS. Their glory days happened so long ago that they might as well be fiction! The last couple of years really haven't been kind to CLG, and it's hard to envision a world in which they ever get back to their winning ways.

Be that as it may, this particular line-up has a ton of potential -- at least on paper. Most of it, however, is wholly dormant, and we're pretty sure it won't be harnessed any time soon (if ever). There's just no one to guide them and to help them out, and you can see it in their preparation and their drafts as well. Every time they step foot on stage to compete it's like they're improvizing, and, frankly, it's not a good luck.

Still, we know for a fact that they're better than they've shown last week, so we're going to give them our benefit of the doubt on this one, although they've done very little (if anything) to earn it. A team with so many seasoned veterans simply has to pull it together at some point, and we're betting that it'll happen sooner rather than later. In any case, you probably shouldn't put your hard-earned money on this one as it's bound to be decided by the slimmest of margins.

CLG 1xBet 1.61 1 Win


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