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2021-07-31 21:10:00
100 Thieves

Golden Guardians vs 100 Thieves

2021-07-31 18:28:24Posted by Petar

There's quite a lot of chaos over there in the North American LCS and, frankly, we wouldn't have it any other way! Everyone's beating everyone, and there's very little rhyme or reason behind what's going on.

That's sort of the NA special -- we've all become accustomed to it by this point. 100 Thieves, in particular, have been at the core of many interesting dicussions and, well, there's a very good reason why: they haven't been doing so hot and it's hard to understand why.

They're stacked from "head to toe" with some of the best and most talented players in the West, they have a seaoned coach leading the charge, and more than enough mechanical prowess to run circles around the vast majority of their peers. But for some odd reason, their virtues don't always coalesce. And it's nigh impossible to understand when they'll come out the gates swinging and when they'll just implode without any apparent reason. They're not necessarily volatile, but they *do* have problems executing and playing to the best of their ability when it matters most.

And, frankly, that's sort of been their M.O. throughout history as well. They'll dominate in Best of 1s and then drop the ball once the playoffs come around. They've now lost three of their last four games, and their sole win came at the expense of Counter Logic Gaming.

It goes without saying, but that's not a good look for a team so many people had deemed as the frontrunners to, at the very least, lock down a spot at Worlds. And sure, some of their losses could have been prevented, but an L is an L, and they can no longer afford them. There's just no other way to put it.

Will they improve once Best of 5s come around? Almost certainly, but it's getting harder and harder to consider them as a true threat to the LCS throne. They're flexible and quite feisty, but they don't always get on the same oage and their individual play often leaves a lot to be desired. They do not lack for talent, but if it isn't harnessed correctly -- and at the right moment -- then it isn't worth much, if anything at all.

Fortunately, they're scheduled to face GGS next who, while undoubtedly capable and dangerous, are still worse than 100 Thieves in nearly every conceivable fashion. That doesn't mean they'll just roll over and surrender, though. They have all the right tools to give 100 Thieves a run for their money and should not be underestimated whatsoever. Heck, they even have a shot at pulling off an upset, but if 100T come prepared and execute even remotely well they should definitely be abe to emerge victorious.

It's no longer about getting the win but rather about sending a message. 100 Thieves are no longer feared nor are they considered as an actual threat to the LCS throne. They're dangerous, but they've yet to deliver, hence the lingering doubt. Therefore, they need to not only win but do so in as dramatic and threatrical fashion as possible. They need to make a statement, and blowing GGS out of the water would definitely be a good start to reclaiming their momentum. And, well, they need as much of it as they can possibly accrue if they want to stand a chance in the forthcoming playoffs.

There's quite a lot on the line for both teams, so definitely make sure to tune in as they're bound to trade heavy blows from the very first moment they step foot on stage to compete!

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