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2022-07-02 19:05:00

G2 Esports vs Fnatic

2022-07-02 11:52:18Posted by Petar

We're still struggling to understand who's better than whom at this point in time. It's the age old "circle of suck" and we've seen it many a time throughout the years. The meta, too, is changing before our very eyes which only further complicates things; just when we think we have a better understanding of the "bigger picture" it happens to shift and evolve and change and transmute on a whim.

And then we're back to square on.

That's not necessarily the most frustrating thing in the world but it *is* a complicating factor when it comes to betting — and it's quite a bit one, too. It's hard to fully and confidently assess things and occurrences, to give out statements and judge with any semblance of confidence, with any modicum of conviction.

Take G2 for instance. Their last two losses were by no means crushing, but they did get us wondering: what if the most recent meta shift "robbed" them of their strength? Not all of it, of course, but a noticeable part — the fragment that was key in them winning the LEC? Have they "slipped" because they're exhausted and have burnt out or, conversely, because there's a much bigger issue at play?

The same goes for Fnatic who, for some reason, still aren't capable of playing and executing as five-man team. Most (if not all) of their wins come by way of individual dominance and not much else. And while that's perfectly fine and sufficient against the many LEC gatekeepers it most surely isn't going to be enough once they step foot on stage to face the likes of G2, MAD, and perhaps even Rogue.

The 2022 LEC Summer Split has thus far been a wild ride and while we've enjoyed every second; that, however, hasn't stopped us from thinking about the grand scheme of things and how the game itself has affected all ten permanent partners.

In any case, G2 have been a lot more impressive (even in their losses) and if they don't make any egregious fumbles in the draft they should definitely be able to come out on top.

G2 Esports 1xBet 1.56 1 Loss


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