2022-07-02 21:30:00
Team Dignitas

FlyQuest vs Team Dignitas

2022-07-02 14:14:28Posted by Petar

This is the absolute worst kind of match-up when it comes to betting; we have one team that is essentially better and more dangerous, but is by no means guaranteed to win. And we have another that, while undeniably worse and less capable, can, at times, exceed expectations and overperform.

It's still quite hard to get a pulse on Dignitas and fully understand where they are and how they relate to the rest of the LCS. They're a capable bunch, we know this for a fact, but their first few games were so darn dreadful that we're sort of wary of giving out any concrete prediction or assessment at this point in time. They're just too volatile for out liking, which does, in all fairness, make their game a whole lot more entertaining as the outcome never feels foregone.

In any case, if you *do* have a bit of spare cash lying around and are in the mood for taking a risk, betting on FlyQuest should definitely be a top priority. They, too, are inconsistent and, at times, prone to imploding, but they have nonetheless been a lot more precise in their execution when compared to Dignitas and their record proves it as well.

FlyQuest 1xBet 1.84 1 Win


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