2021-06-27 23:35:00
Golden Guardians

FlyQuest vs Golden Guardians

2021-06-27 23:21:25Posted by Petar

This, for all intents and purposes, is a fight between two of the worst and least capable teams in North America. There's just no other way to phrase it, frankly. Fortunately, they're not exactly abysmal, so there's definitely a reason to tune in. Additionally, there's more than enough veteran presence on both line-ups to warrant a solid showing.

Then again, if you're after the best and most competitive League of Legends, maybe it'd be best for you to sit this one out.

FlyQuest and GGS are positioned right next to each other in the standings (in ninth and tenth place, respectively), and yet there's such a big gap between them when it comes to community expectations. FlyQuest had all the hallmarks of a solid, well-rounded mid-tier gatekeeper and yet they're struggling with even the most basic things. They're just not a good team and they lack a coherent identity as well. Could they improve in the future? Absolutely, but there's just not enough time for them to shore up their weaknesses (of which there are many) and mount a solid run for the playoffs. There's just very little to commend them for, and their coaching staff needs to shoulder the grunt of the blame as well. For FlyQuest to ever accomplish anything, they'll need to make at least one roster change before entering the 2022 competitive season. Without a potent mid laner and someone who's going to hard-carry, they don't stand a chance.

By the same token, the Golden Guardians are pretty much in the exact same boat, and that's okay -- they have the least capable roster of them all and weren't expected to accomplish much (if anything) coming into 2021. With Solo aboard, however, they've definitely improved in certain key areas. Their teamfighting is much better and so is their play. They're still a bottom-tier dweller, but they're doing a lot better than expected, so credit where credit is due. Ablazeolive, in particular, has had some truly exemplary performances on a slew of different picks, so they definitely have a couple of different avenues through which they can eke out advantages.

Interestingly enough, they already hold a win over FlyQuest, so we might as well go with the "underdogs" on this one. The thing is, whenever two seemingly equal teams clash off, there are never any guarantees. It all boils down to execution, and that's not something either of these two teams are particularly good at. Heck, we're putting it mildly here. FlyQuest are currently on a six-game losing streak, so it's really hard to trust in their potential and ability to correct course in time. The Golden Guardians are by no means a challenger worthy of praise or admiration, but they've at least been a bit more consistent, so we'll side with them on this one and hope for the best!

Golden Guardians Betway 2.20 1 Win


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