2021-07-18 23:10:00
100 Thieves

FlyQuest vs 100 Thieves

2021-07-18 13:11:36Posted by Petar

Oh boy. This is the one game that'll either make us look like fools for ever believing in the FlyQuest hype train, or net us arguably the biggest win of the split. Either way, it'll deliver, so definitely make sure to tune in. FlyQuest's Academy line-up has arguably been the biggest surprise of the ongoing Summer Split, and we can't wait to see them back in action — they've been downright exceptional, despite facing some very grim odds.

They were able to string four amazing wins (over Cloud9, Counter Logic Gaming, Immortals, and Team SoloMid), before succumbing to the Evil Geniuses. The boys in white and black proved to be too insurmountable a challenge. Still, their one loss should in no way diminish their valiant efforts and staggering amount of success. If we were to judge solely based on their play, we'd have to say that they're one of the best teams in North America. An exaggeration, no doubt, but one that is supplemented by facts. They're not particularly layered in their aggression, but what they lack in refinement they more than make up for in sheer will and determination. The fact that they started trading blows (and emerging victorious) from the moment they stepped foot on stage tells you all you need to know about their mental game and ability to clutch things out. And they're an Academy team, too, which makes their success all the more spectacular. They really shouldn't be *this* good — it boggles the mind. They've been smacking teams far more experienced and estemeed than they are, so it's hard not to wonder how high they'll be able to soar once all is said and done.

They're up against 100 Thieves tonight which, in all fairness, is an opponent they have no business beating. Then again, the same held true for their previous four opponents and yet they still beat them with relative ease. The odds don't matter much with FlyQuest. They play like their lives depend on it and have already found more success in just two weeks than their predecesors did in six months. Staggering, really.

100 Thieves are obviously favored, but the odds on FlyQuest upsetting are far too great for us to ignore, so we'll take the risk and hope for the best.

FlyQuest 1xBet 3.20 10 Loss


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