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2022-07-03 20:30:00
Golden Guardians

Evil Geniuses vs Golden Guardians

2022-07-03 20:14:19Posted by Petar

Evil Geniuses have returned to action in the most tremendous of fashions; the way in which they outclassed TSM yesterday blew our minds. It was a complete and utter shut-out, a decimation, an outclassing so lopsided it's hard to fully put into words.

And, well, it was the kind of statement they were looking for after dropping a game to a surging Counter Logic Gaming last week. You want your champions to be imposing and dominant beyond all measure. You want them to tower over the rest of the region but still be fallible enough so that you tune in each week wondering whether someone will finally end up exploiting the few chinks in their armor.

Evil Geniuses are the "real deal" and they're here to stay, too. 100 Thieves, Team Liquid, and Cloud9 will all try to dethrone them but unless something truly exceptional takes place (a historic moment, if you will), we don't think it'll happen. EG have simply built too big of a lead and are currently performing at a much higher level when compared to the rest of their peers.

The Golden Guardians are a fesity bunch and they can, by all means, play some good League of Legends. They're not, however, on the same level as EG (nor will they ever be). There's a world of difference between them, which makes our job exceedingly simple.

Evil Geniuses Pinnacle 1.23 1 Win


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