2022-07-17 22:30:00

Cloud9 vs Immortals

2022-07-17 22:12:34Posted by Petar

This is about as uninteresting a match-up as the LCS has to offer. A top-tier behemoth on the one side and a true bottom-feeder on the other. A foregone conclusion, right? Well, yes, but Immortals *have* stepped up, and they *have* improved quite a bit during the most recent two-week hiatus. They're still expected to lose, granted, but they sure will put up a fight.

And, plus, it's not like Cloud9 are the epitome of consistency; that couldn't be farther from the truth. They're still struggling with many different things and have yet to get on the same proverbial page. The potential is there, we all know it, but they still need a bit of time to fully acclimate and sync up.

In any case, we just can't envision a world in which Immortals get away with the win. They're just not on the same level as the boys in black and blue. Still, this'll be a pretty interesting litmus test for everyone involved, so there's definitely a reason to tune in.

Cloud9 1xBet 1.21 1 Loss


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