2022-07-03 21:30:00

Cloud9 vs FlyQuest

2022-07-03 21:09:58Posted by Petar

Yet another game that, at least on paper, is fairly easy to predict. It might not be as lopsided as Evil Geniuses vs. FlyQuest, but it's not far off either, especially not if Cloud9 bring their "A game" and start swinging from the very moment they step foot on stage. That's sort of been the case ever since Berserker and Zven started playing; Cloud9 haven't been perfect (neither individually nor as a team) but they have nonetheless been absolutely stellar and have actually equalized their wins and losses.

That might not sound like much overall, but it's still a tremendous feat considering just how dreadful their start to the split was. And, to make things even better, they've actually been a lot more impressive than both Team Liquid *and* 100 Thieves; whether they're good enough to compete still remains to be seen, but they *have* put their opponents on notice and they *will* do some damage to the LCS status quo. Of that you can be certain.

FlyQuest, however, never go down without first putting up a fight and, depending on the day and their preparation, this fight we speak of tends to be quite impressive. They're playing as a five-man unit, all in unison with the exact same goal in mind. That might sound like a natural thing — what with them playing under the same banner for over six months — but it's actually not that frequent an occurrence. They're all having a load of fun and they're pretty darn talented, too.

Cloud9, however, are still a cut above; or, well, they *will* be if they don't make too many mistakes early on. FlyQuest have nothing to lose which means they'll compete with a lot more fervor and zest than the boys in black and blue anticipate. A competitive, fun scrap is, therefore, guaranteed.

Cloud9 Pinnacle 1.37 2 Loss


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