2021-07-09 23:20:00

Cloud9 vs FlyQuest

2021-07-09 23:00:12Posted by Petar

The second game of the day feels quite pedestrian, and that's precisely what we're after whenever we're putting our money on the line! Cloud9 are far from a consistent team, but they're still stacked with talent from top to bottom and should, by all means, be able to beat FlyQuest to a pulp and improve their Summer Split record to nine wins and seven losses.

In fact, failing to do so — in as dominant a fashion as possible — would truly be a worrying sign seeing how FlyQuest are the de facto worst team in the region. They've done absolutely nothing throughout the last couple of weeks to warrant our respect and will, in fact, field their entire Academy line-up seeing how their more seasoned colleagues failed to leave much of a mark. Heck, we're putting it mildly here — they have lost ten games in a row which is about as egregious and dreadful as it gets.

So, frankly, the bar has been set as low as possible for FlyQuest's Academy line-up. Fortunately for this eco-friendly organization, their "B team" has actually done quite well over in the "little leagues," although they're nowhere near as capable enough to compete on the LCS stage against the best teams in North America. And, well, they don't come any better than Cloud9 (at least when they're in top form).

It goes without saying, but we have to side with the defending champions on this one. They are by no means as dangerous or cohesive as was they were back in Spring, but they're still amongst the very best teams in the LCS and should be able to get yet another win on the board against a struggling FlyQuest.

Cloud9 Betway 1.20 1 Loss


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