2022-06-26 21:45:00
100 Thieves

Cloud9 vs 100 Thieves

2022-06-26 08:53:33Posted by Petar

What a phenomenal -- albeit somewhat tricky -- clash of titans. 100 Thieves taking on Cloud9 is bound to result in fireworks and, by proxy, entertain the masses. And, well, we wouldn't have it any other way!

The outcome seems foregone, what with 100 Thieves being so much more cohesive and, well, capable as a five-man unit. Cloud, on the other hand, haven't been all that impressive against Dignitas; still, a win is a win and they were in dire need of one so we're not going to criticize them too harshly.

Fudge, Blaber, Jensen, Berserker, and Zven -- that's basically a superteam and a roster worthy of our utmost respect and reverence. There's not a weak link amongst them and if they can get on the same page and execute, they will no doubt stand one heck of a chance at claiming the throne and subsequently representing North America on the World Championship stage come October. We obviously have lofty expectations but this is Cloud9 we're talking about: one of the most successful NA organizations of all time.

We're all dying to see them play and, hopefully, correct course now that Berserker has finally been able to join the rest of the team. We're not quite sure whether they'll be able to compete for a spot atop the standings but they sure will try.

They don't lack for potential or talent, but they *do* for time, and that's arguably the biggest hurdle they'll somehow have to face and, hopefully, overcome. They've already played four games which means there's just fourteen left before the post-season comes around. And, well, they cannot afford to lose any more if they want to stand a chance at leaving a mark.

Unfortunately, they'll now be facing a team that is much more adept at the current meta -- a line-up that's been playing under the same banner for well over a year. Cloud9 *will* make it competitive, but we just don't see them winning.

100 Thieves Pinnacle 1.44 1 Loss


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