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100 Thieves

Cloud9 vs 100 Thieves

2021-06-05 22:36:47Posted by Petar

This is where things get interesting. Heck, we're putting it mildly here! Cloud9 vs. 100 Thieves, on paper, has all the hallmarks of a historic clash -- it is, by all means, a match-up between two competitive League giants. In actuality, though, things are nowhere near as rosy or hype-inducing. On the one side, we have Cloud9 who have fallen from grace in the most baffling of ways. On the other, there's a severely flawed challenger that has done next to nothing to warrant our benefit of the doubt.

If you're looking for the best or most layered League of Legends, you'd be wise to look elsewhere. If their games from yesterday are anything to go by, both C9 and 100T will need a bit of time before they can get back into the swing of things. They made a slew of unforced errors and, in all fairness, have looked downright dreadful. Cloud9 at least had a couple of standout moments, but the fact that they dropped the ball despite having such a gargantuan gold lead — against the Golden Guardians, no less — is definitely a cause for concern. And, well, it's not a good look seeing how they're the defending champions.

By the same token, 100 Thieves looked about as bad, although they couldn't even attempt to mount an offensive given their woeful draft. And we're really being nice here — "woeful" doesn't even begin to cut it. Why they've decided to put Abbedagge, a carry mid laner whom they've just imported, on Karma duty will probably remain a mystery. It boggles the mind, really, and the rest of the team didn't do much better either. Now, we know that they're much better than they've shown, but it's hard to fully board the 100T hype train when they've embarrassed themselves in their very first game of the split. Will they improve? Absolutely, but they probably won't be able to accomplish much once all is said and done.

All in all, we'll side with Cloud9 on this one but it's truly up in the air.

Cloud9 Pinnacle 1.53 1 Loss


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